Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wingman Etiquette 101 roommate met this guy @ 40/40 last year....well she met a lot of guys, but she liked this one. And she hadn't seen him since. So... she decided to meet him in new york and I offered to go with her just in case, you know..whatever.
Did I feel like a third wheel? Absolutely, but I was fine with it because she's my roommate and I know she'd do the same for me.
The dude invited his keep me company i guess...what a freaking disaster!!

First of all, regardless of my absolutely no dating/self recovery '08. I was looking pretty hot (says me and at least five other dudes between 42nd and 31st)...just cuz, you's what I do..hehee. His friend Greg/Trayvon the 19 year old totally sucked!! Sucked!! I mean, I wasn't drunk, but I was semi-tipsy enough to be friendly.

To this end, I'm listing certain dos and donts for supposed wingmen.

1. Do be on time
2. Do attempt to hold a decent/educated conversation
3. Do offer to buy the lady a drink
4. Do NOT get into an argument with the lady about accents or football or basketball!!!! are you crazy?
5. Do NOT lie to the lady about your age..or your name!
6. Do NOT expect a hug or number at the end of the night.
7. Do be discerning enough to know when the lady has shut down and is no longer willing to communicate with you.