Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1: 30 Day Challenge

A photo of viola

Throwback to 2009! I miss braids!

And...a description of how my day was...

I woke up at 6:30...and snoozed for an hour! Lol...that's what i get for sleeping late.

Got out of bed at 7:30


Weighed myself...pleasantly surprised...but I think my scale is a liar..we like lies :)

Drank a glass of water

Took a shower

Got dressed

Packed my bags..and my lunch (curry chicken salad sandwich, carrots, a clementine and chocolate pudding)

Went to Food Lion to find this cereal that allegedly has 14g of fiber and no sugar and no sodium...I think it's like a unicorn..cuz clearly it DOES not exist! Hmpfff!

Bought gas at Exxon: $12.01..damn it!..i hate when it's not a complete number! I almost went up to $13, but I buy gas on thursdays..from Shell when it's $0.05 off and i can use my card to get an extra $0.10 off...I'm trying to stick it to the gallon at a time!

Got to work at 10am..put my 10%APS on ice to thaw...

Went to pick up some compounds from this 11am, and I was on time too! Trying not to perpetrate the whole CPT thing and the dude shows up freaking 30minutes late...smh!! I was going to get mad but he was doing me a favor so...whatever!

Set up my experiment...messed up and loaded the wrong samples...ARRGGHH!!!...but it was actually a blessing in disguise cuz it didnt work and I didnt waste too much of my samples

Had lunch with my lab buddy

Finished up my experiment

Checked emails..went to INO, YBF and Ideeli...bought nothing! Yay me! :D

Facebook stalked

Had a discussion with lab folk about how most hero/villan movies are similar (it all started with someone comparing Harry Potter to Star Wars and the know-it-all saying that most movies/books have the same plot but not being able to give anymore examples *sideeye*..there's a back story but like just shut up! SHUT dont have to contribute to every conversation!! SHUT THE HELL UP!) :)..wooosah y'all!

Went to a 6pm spinning fun!

Talked myself into letting someone teach me how to swim (I know y'all! I's my secret shame! I figure if I talk about it enough then I really have to do it!)

Walked to the shuttle with my lab buddy, dropped her off...drove home.

Stopped by a gazillion stores (ok 2..and one was closed) to find the fabled cereal! Clearly, it does not exist!..except on Amazon.

Took a shower

Had dinner...Coconut Curry Beef with white rice....yum-o! I slow cooked it myself yesterday (Top chef up in this piece :)..)

Had left over chocolate cake! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate!

Watched the Bachelorette finale..(ugh! that Ashley)/Master Chef (ugh! that Chris)

Watched True Blood (meh..i like last week's episode better Alan messed up the Sookie and Eric hookup...boooooo!)

Messed around on the internet and stumbled upon the 30 day blog challenge

Wrote my Day 1 blog! :)

In summary, my day was tiring and long and it feels like Friday...but I'm bout to go to bed...and hope tomorrow goes much more smoothly!

Gnite y'all!


MPB said...

did i just hallucinate?????

doll said...

busy day....

I hate true blood...ugly vampires! nasty fang bangers ew..

Tatababe said...

Oh boy! Busy day you had there..and you totally broke it down for us too :)

MPB said...

@doll...I am a fangbanger lol

Kate it was only a dream right???? lol

Kate said...

@MPB...yes thankfully it was only a dream...i was soo pissed enh!
@Doll..gasps...have you seen Eric? Eric the viking? He's even hotter than Keanu Reeves..and I never say that!'s guilty conscience oh..i've been gone for so long that i felt the need to overcompensate :D

Random One said...

Not sure how you can even try and put Eric and Keanu in the same category of hotness...thats like the cuteness of a button and God took his time to create fineness!! Keanu who?? lol :p

Kate said...

lol...they are two different types of hot :D