Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7 – Your dream wedding 7 and going strong!
Actually, I was about to go crash...this weekend flew by damn it!

Aight..dream wedding.
Ideally, my dream wedding would be one that I do absolutely all of the planning and none of the leg literally...say "this is what I want" and somebody else does it and I show up on the wedding day and BAM! perfection....all I want to do is:
1. Buy my dress
2. Taste the Cake
3. Preview the music
4. Taste the food

However, I can give you guys a more realistic version of my dream wedding....
I want the wedding to be a huge party...from the church to the reception to the afterparty.

I want an extended praise and worship session during the church service
I want the reception hall to be beautifully decorated
I want to have a separate room for the younger kids to go hang out..with babysitters and games and movies and bouncy houses and food and little beds for them to nap in when they get tired
I want the reception hall to be in the same hotel as the hotel for guests so people don't have to drive
I want an open bar
I want the cake to be moist and delicious with tasty icing (not that bitter icing or fondant stuff)
I want the food to be perfect
I want the DJ to be on point with the perfect mix of naija and non naija music
I want my shoes to be perfect as well so that I can dance the whole night without feeling any pain
I want waterproof mascara..cuz I'm already an emotional human being...of course I'm going to cry buckets...

Err...that is all
Ooh..ooh...I want Collins Metu to be my photographer and I want my wedding video to be like a movie...



Taynement said...

All this wedding talk..actually I should just be glad you are speaking about an actual wedding.

doll said...

an open bar. good idea

Kate said...

@Tayne...what? That's the 7th day challenge na!

@Doll..ya know! ;)