Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 10: A photo of your favorite place to eat

Aight...being the foodie that I's going to be favorite placeS!! :D

OMG..before i start can i share a blonde moment with y'all? can totally judge me because I side-eyed my damn self all the way home today!
So for the last couple of days, I've noticed that my A/C in my care wasn't really working. And it's been getting progressively bad...not unbearable but it was getting there..and I was all ready to shell out money to get it fixed. Why oh blogsville did i finally check today and the little button you push to turn on the A/C wasn't pushed in?....Like I'm sure it's been weeks since it hasn't been on..just blowing warm air in my face and I was all grinning and bearing it? Wow!

Anyhoo...on to food!
Ok...I picked five of my favorite places to eat and they are mostly in the DMV area..

1. Minato Sushi...they have really good happy hours everyday from like can get sushi for like $3.25 and mango martinis for $4-ish i & yummy.

2. Sticky Rice...also sushi..only been there once..a bit more pricey than the other place but the rolls are ginormous! one of the rolls is called the Godzirra...and for good reason...
ps: i'm a fake sushi eater...haven't progressed to the raw stuff yet..maybe next year :)

3. Akbar Restaurant: Indian food = yummy food...service is slow but I dream about the food for days after!..ooh oohh...and once, i saw this dude from Food know the smart guy from Ace of Cakes...the skinny little guy with the beard? I was!!

4. Yo-Cake: I'm a cupcake aficionado...I will try any cupcake when I see it..preferably red velvet. Yo-cake makes IMHO the best red velvet cupcakes I've ever ever. And they sell frozen yogurt you can get your cupcake topped with any flavor of frozen yogurt..mmmmmm....delicious.

5. Sonic Drive-in: Can you say...Medium Strawberry Slush with extra strawberries! Best thing Ever!! Their food is surprisingly good too!

That's all i got for today! Y'all be safe!


MPB said...

I haven't had sonic since i left North carolina :( i need a slushie

Kate said...

mmmmmmmm....slushie here i come!