Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4 - Your favorite photo of your best friend

Shiznit! I almost missed it...I think technically I did cuz it's 12:04am...but the blog will post it as yesterday..Yippeee...

Soooooo I was thinking about this Day 4 stuff for a long time...and I was going to go into the whole spiel about  how I don't have best friends because it puts too much pressure on people to fulfill this "all in all" idea and when they fall short..which they will because we are human..then everybody gets hurt.
I dont have many friends...and I only have a handful of close friends.

In retrospect,I guess I had two really close best-ish friends...what happened? I guess..ppl change and move away and get married and friendships evolve...

The good thing about a true friend is that even if you don't see or talk to them for a least in my case...I think about them everyday and I always send good thoughts their way and pray for them. And if they ever needed me...I'd be there in a whatever capacity I can...and I hope they know that.

I'm not posting anyone's pictures cuz um...I dont wanna put them all out there...this blog did start off as "anonymous-y" :p

But here are pictures that remind me of my "besties"

Gnite Folks!


Taynement said...

I could have sworn I commented last night but I don't see it. Anyways I said the first picture better be a reference to me or else..! hehe either way I still love you. muah!

Kate said...

of course it's you mmschew!

MPB said...

Tayney of course it is you lol. That was the only one I could figure out!

Katey it's interesting that you feel saying someone is your best friend puts pressure on them etc. The beauty of true friendship to me has always been the person just loving you as you are no matter how flawed you are and can be and vice versa. The only time i feel bad in using the term "best friend" is when I am talking to one of my "regular" friends and then i say something like "yeah I love that gift, my best friend T gave it to me"...then I have a little bit of guilt that the friend will feel and know they are just "regular". Ok I probably did not make much sense...but it crosses my mind cos I don't want people to feel left out of my love lol.