Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date

Let's do this!

My idea of the perfect first date....this is hard because I don't want it to come off as cliche..but I don't think the 1st date should involve too's nerve-wracking enough to go out with someone you are just getting to know, keeping in mind that you are possibly open to being in a serious relationship with the person.

Me I kuku don't like all the fancy smancy wine and dine stuff. But I would love on a first date to do something I've never done before..not only does experiencing something new together create a bond, it also makes you less nervous i think.

Ok...perfect 1st date I've been on....

A couple of days before the date...he sent me a dozen red roses...that was a nice touch and I was all nervous and excited!

Rode the train into Manhattan to see The Lion King on Broadway which was amazing!

Next,we went to this like park (not central park) ..i forget the name of the area and i'm too lazy to look it up..but it was a short walk away from the show...*you know that place in something borrowed where Rachel and Ethan meet for lunch?(if they really shot the movie in New York)..yeah that place*...and we just talked and people watched for a couple of hours.

Then, we had much as i love food...i don't even remember where or what...but there was no was like catching up with an old friend.
Rode the train back..and talked some more

And then we both went our separate ways..never saw each other again..:D

I was thinking of what I would do to plan a perfect 1st date..and I just plain blanked...mehn...dudes y'all have it hard oh...any ideas?

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