Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Boys and Girls

So...once again i was watching The Life of Ryan and marveling at my girl crush Taylor and i determined that there are two types of far as interactions with boys go..
The cool girls
The not so cool girls

I think i'm a not so cool girl...sadly, but it's ok. My theory is that your exposure to the opposite sex at a young age determines your relationship with boys. I think that girls with brothers, have a better relationship with boys that girls without.
For example...for a while there growing up, i was terrified of boys. Even through high school now that i think about it... i thought they were trouble and that we had nothing in common. Obviously, that has changed as i develop into the lady that I am. But sometimes i think my life would have been much easier if i were a cool girl..
Cool girls are always comfortable around guys.
Sidenote: ok seriously, when did Peter Berg become a director? A good one no the last time i saw him, i was like who is this tom cruise wannabe trynna act? Now dude is off directing good movies like The Kingdom...i wanna be a director!!!!

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. Cool girls and the ones you see having a regualr conversation about anything with guys. I'm slightly jealous of them.
To Be Continued

The Taylor- Ryan Dynamic

Obviously, because my life is centered around TV, and art imitates life...i have to see parallels between Taylor and Ryan's friendship(Life of Ryan on MTV) and relationships between guys and girls.
Taylor is a girl, Ryan's friend/counselor and what not...she is SO cool and SO mature for her age, but that's a post for another day. I officially have a girl crush on her :)
Anyways... so the age old question related to the dynamic is this: "Can girls and boys really, truly be just friends?"
Honestly, I think it depends on the people but for the most part, I'm going to say NO!! Because
a) First impressions count a lot
So, let's say you get introduced to some guy, and he doesn't present himself well, won't consider the person someone you'd want to date. However, if upon meeting the person, they go all out to try and impress you etc etc and then when they get the impression that you are not interested, they try to be your friend. Y'all Cannot be friends because somewhere in the back of their minds they are hoping for more.

b) Your status when you meet said friend is crucial
You meet said person through a friend, maybe even your boyfriend. If first impression is good..a la a, then it's easy for you to become friends, and just friends depending on how serious you/your relationship are/is. The problem starts if after this encounter, you both become single and are still close...because then it starts to create notions of "we're cool, we're close...what if?" These questions will ultimately need to be answered.

c) Feelings change/grow
This could be like an old friend, a friend of a friend someone who used to be in your life,who reenters it after a long absence. Especially childhood friends. The history is already there. If they happen to be cool/your type, then it's like you know maybe this might work...the new friendship is built on old memories and new feelings and you sometimes feel you've known the person forever. NO, y'all are not JUST friends.You might be just friends with someone because you/they are not ready for a relationship, or willing to take the risk.

d) Taylor is cool
Just had to reiterate.

So...why are Taylor and Ryan "just friends"? I think she's dating Casey...Ryan's best obviously. But so far with all the rifraff in his life, she seems the most level headed, ultra cool person, perfect fit for him...i'm saying they should be together jare!!