Saturday, December 27, 2008

And the beat goes on da da dum da dum da da.....

Most people enjoy spending time with their family and friends..and I do too for the most part. However, I was kinda dreading coming home cuz normally, a fight usually occurs at some point and I can't wait to go back to my own little world where i can shut out all the drama and just focus on things that make sense.
It's Day 2 and I'm happy to report that no fights/arguments/misunderstandings occured, which is great. I hope it stays that way.
Outside of the fam, i had a very illuminating day...
I realized that there is entirely too much going on here and not in a good way and I don't think I'm ready to come back here to live, not this year, not next year not in this capacity.
Everything just struck me as "affected" or "trying too hard".
Driving through my breeding ground, i had a lot of nostalgic moments of this is where i worked for 5 years and this is where we stayed...etc

Part 2:
I guess I must have been a terror in college because in the last 24 hours, i have been regaled with tales of my tyranny and physical and emotional acts of aggression towards ppl who years later are still my friends... Let me start by putting all my apologies for whoever i wronged out there in the universe...
At first I was slightly amused maybe..because the way things play out in my head is obviously not the way other ppl see it.
But at some point, I started thinking and two questions...maybe rhetorical, maybe not came to mind.
1. If I did/do all these mean, horrible things to ppl..why have i not lost any of these ppl as friends? (maybe i lost one, but in that case i would argue that we probably weren't friends to begin with...hmmm)
2. When all these my actions occur, do ppl even try to understand where i'm coming from?

And God forbid you actually change or mature because that person you were in college is the same person you'll always be.

I guess my bottom line is like staind says "I only know that I can change, everything else just stays the same" the only way to fix that, is to keep moving forward.
And we haven't even gotten to the party yet.
So much for Happy it 2009 yet?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Patience is a virtue...etc

One of my of my many vices, but the one that gets me in trouble a lot is impatience.
I want answers right yesterday and results today.
So when i pray, one of the main things i ask God for is patience.
The ability to wait patiently for things to work out the way they are meant to.
Of course as a thinking, feeling being, it's not always easy because I feel it then i think about how to solve it and then i do..or try to.
However, I'm learning that, some situations would never occur if i had been patient enough in the beginning and let things naturally unfold as they are supposed to.

My prayer for myself this new year, is to be more patient and to consciously recognize when I'm in situations that require me to be patient. Like today.

More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.—Romans 5:3-5

But at the same time, i feel like a failure. Like i told myself that i would try...and try..and try until i either succeeded or couldn't try anymore. So i'm at a point where i'm questioning whether i tried hard enough. But like with all things..a go/no-go decision has to be made..when enough is enough and i'd rather be unsuccessful now than in the future...i guess.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Facebook Chat #2008-002 : The "You Just Know Line"

Talking to my sis bout the marriage decision. not as funny as the NA one..but hey..a blogs gotta blog...

Kate:: wat life decision are you making
Dr.K:: marriage
Kate: marriage to who?
Dr.K: anyone
Kate: lol..yup
Dr.K:scary thought
Kate: yup
Dr.K:same house, see them everyday…in your space
Kate: lol
Kate:i guess that's part of the difficulty
Dr.K:what else?
Kate: my own is how do u know that it is the right person?
Dr.K:i dont know…i dont think you ever know
Kate:thank you jare
Kate:unlike those useless you just know ppl
Dr.K:i know right
Dr.K:its a friggin risk!!
Kate:well i dunno …u have more married friends than me
Dr.K:i guess you both have to decide if its worth taking with each other…they seem happy
Kate: wat do they say when u ask them?
Dr.K: and they are of the "you just know" school
Kate: lol…all of them?
Dr.K:not sure if I’ve asked Mrs. A or Mrs. O…i should
Kate: you should..yep
Dr.K:but how will their answers matter
Kate: it wont..but everyone i meet to says the whole "you just know" thing too. i wonder if anyone would ever say "you dont just have to trust in God and the person you are making a commitment to"…brainwashed liars!!!
Dr.K:lmao…i think that's the correct answer
Kate: see..and i'm nowhere near marriage
Dr.K:there should be like a scorecard
Kate: huh
Dr.K: with answers rated 1-5 5 being all the time
Kate: oooh
Dr.K: and there should be a cut-off number. ..Like, you like talking to the person all the time, most of the time, sometimes or never
Kate: wait i thot u meant scorecard for ppl and how they answer the how do u know question
Dr.K: yeah..oh,no, i'm trying to solve the how do you know problem
Kate: hmmm..i'm still lost
Dr.K: you have a list of questions which you answer while thinking of one person that you've been dating, you answer questions on a 1 to 5 scale..add up all the numbers
Kate: ooooo i get it
Dr.K: and if its say above 70, then you have a 70% chance of being successfully married to that person
Kate: how many questions?
Dr.K: i don't know..maybe we should come up with some
Kate: u have to have really good ones
Dr.K: yep..we can sell it and be rich
Kate: and a varied sample size..yup,ok…questions
Dr.K:r u typing them up? you have google email?
Dr.K: ok…what should we call it?
Kate: brainwashed liars?
Dr.K: lmao
Kate: i cant think of a better title

Happy belated thanksgiving...hope you had things to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Facebook Chat #2008-001: Ignorance is bliss

I had a conversation with an officer in the Nigerian Army about the current witchhunt going on in Akwa Ibom, NIGERIA and what was being done about it..needless to say i was so freaking apalled by the fact that this monkey did not think it even existed...convo below.. it was unbelievable..i had to control myself so that i wouldnt curse him out!'s long and stuff..but bare with me. Please VISIT the website!!

Chidi: ka, Imelaagi and happy sunday
Kate: : i'm good, happy sunday to u too
Chidi: ok we're over here in NA making sure your folks back home sleep with both eyes TIGHLY shot.
Kate: : huh?
Chidi: Nigerian Army (NA)
Kate: : oh, cool….i didnt know we had one, or had never thought about it i guess
Chidi: Now you're talking….U mean a hegemon like Nija will b armyless?
Kate: : are you guys doing anything to bring the ppl in akwa ibom who kill children that they believe to be witches to justice?
Chidi: If that happens at all (which I doubt) it should be the work of the police and civil societies
Kate: : what do you mean which you doubt? happens, why would u think doesnt happen?Chidi: : Never heard of it..and I'm here
Kate: : so because you've never heard of it then it doesnt happen?
Chidi: : so could just be negative western press propaganda..Could you cite any recent case, if I may ask?
Kate: : have you heard of C.R.A.R.N..there was a whole documentary of it on tv, it's on youtubethere's an organization that takes in these kids after their parent's have tried to kill them by pounding nails into their skulls
Chidi: : It could just be an isolated case blown out of proportion
Kate: : or making them drink caustic one case is not enough?
Chidi: : As I said, Isolated case
Kate: : definitely not one case though…i gave you two examples
Chidi: : Any way I'll try and find out
Kate: : i'm sure you will
Chidi: : Didn't say you were wrong oh!
Kate: : i think you have deluded yourself into thinking that you ppl actually have an impact..hegemon indeed..these things are happening in your own country and you are saying isolated case western propaganda
Chidi: Just wondering why our people out there have a misconception that nothing good can emanate from here
Kate:i believe a lot of good things emanate..but bad things should be addressed too
Chidi:It's our time to make things right …The press is blowing things out of proportion
Kate: but if you have the mindset that "isolated incidences" are ok
Chidi: : The US has its own flaws
Kate: : then y'all aint making nothing rightChidi: : but I don't think you're inclined to magnify it the way you do ur own
Kate: : and they investigate "allegations"
Chidi: : Don't allow the western media dictate how you think
Kate: : best believe that every act of injustice especially towards innocent children is always magnified
Chidi: : Of course
Kate: : absolutely not..i make my own decisions
Chidi:allegations have to be thoroughly investigated for posterity sake..Everybody does
Kate: : do u think you have been brainwashed to think that all bad news about nigeria is western propaganda?
Chidi: : but its better to make INFORMED and UNBIASED decisions
Kate: : so you who had NO idea that stuff like this was going on BUT went on to claim that you DOUBT it is happening is informed and unbiased? what exactly do you guys do?
Kate: : but you are part of the ppl who are supposed to protect and serve abi?
Chidi: or low intensity conflict like the niger delta, not domestic crimes against the state
Kate: : you pick and choose what crime is worth preventing and is punishable?
Chidi: : That is POLICE business
Kate: : ok o…that's good to know
Chidi: : we only come in to aid when they're over whelmed. Point I'm making is...don't lose hope in Nigeria
Kate: : absolutely not..i haven't
Chidi: : Whatever the case may be …its not irrepairable
Kate: : i just think that we have long way to go
Chidi: : Now you're talking
Kate: : and you can't walk around blindly smelling roses and claim not to know what is going on..if there are ppl killing children..the future..and nothing is being done about it..then there is no hope
Chidi: : I'm sure the police is doing something bout it
Kate: : what can you do about it?
Chidi: :Its off our I can only join other citizens to condemn it
Kate: : do other citizens know about it..because you didnt?
Chidi: : I mean paradventure I knew
Kate: : what? sorry i dont understand what that means
Chidi: : All I'm saying is that ..I've discovered that most Nigerians outside the shores of this country are EXPERTS at complaining about the state of the nation
Chidi: : we need solutions
Kate: : my solution is to investigate and prosecute these backward minded ppl
Chidi: : I assume the question was based on a belief that u were asking on the basis of 'assuming I had known
Kate: :yes
Chidi: : The guantanamo bay detainee assault saga is also as serious
Kate: : it definitely is
Chidi: :if not more serious than what is currently sickening you about the ALLEGED Akwa Ibom Incidence
Kate: and the vp and former attorney general are currently facing legal actions regarding that
Chidi: So lets not make a mountain out of a mole hill regarding the nija probsKate: why do u keep comparing nigeria to america
Kate: these two countries have nothing in common
Chidi:They have a lot in common
Kate: NIGERIA is not and will NEVER be America
Chidi:diverse peoples
Kate: i disagree…Nigeria is centuries away from where america far as infrastructure and otherwise
Chidi:Not in the sense of technological advancement..we have our peculiarities
Kate: not the same in the sense of democratic, educational or economic advancement
Chidi:In terms of cars and houses
Kate: and the thing that is killing us apart from greed and corruption is the inherent backward minded mentality that causes these parents to think it is acceptable for them to kill their children in the name of witchcraft
Chidi:or in terms of morals and the role of homes in the lives of individuals? The average life span of a marriage there is less than 3yrs
Kate: what does that have to do with the issue i'm talking about?Chidi:There are definitely area we're not doing badly in
Kate: oh definitely
Chidi:First off..Witchcraft existsSecondly, as I said the case you're talking about is an isolated incidence which I'm very sure must have been sorted out by now
Kate: i dont doubt that it does..but does that give someone the right to kill someone else? so called morals
Chidi:The case you're talking about is an isolated incidence which I'm very sure must have been sorted out by now
Kate: NO..NO IT HAS NOT..see this is your problem, you don't know but u keep assuming
Chidi:I believe the church of satan has branches in the US
Kate: ok the fact that you use church and satan in the same sentence is also very disturbingthe church is the body of christ
Chidi:I don't know what??
Kate: u dont know that the issue has been sorted out..let us focus on one issue for a second ok.The case you're talking about is an isolated incidence which I'm very sure must have been sorted out by now
Chidi:I'm trying to make a point with it
Kate: you seem to know much about america but not much about what is going on on you won backyardpls make your point
Chidi:so please hear me out..I'm comparing Nigeria with the US because you stay there if you were in the honduras
Kate: ok
Chidi:The point is that so called church engages in ritual activities involving human sacrificesa lot of would-have-beenvictims have testified about that so if you have warped thinking people in what you believe to be a country eons away from Nigeria then you shouldn't be so judgemental about the Akwa Ibom issue
Kate: r u done?
Kate: ok let me make my point
Chidi: roll on
Kate: i do not doubt that there are questionable activities going on in any part of the world and especially here in America the only difference is when things like that are brought to light here, it is addressed and properly dealt with the fact that you did not know about the issue going on in akwa ibom but were so quick to say first that it was an isolated incident and then that you were sure it was being handled
Chidi:as they have don the KKK and gays in the military and abortion???
Kate: then you go on to try to justify it by saying that witchcraft exists as if that makes is ok for ppl to kill their children..all i am saying is this
Chidi: all I want is for my sister in whom i am well pleased
Kate: can i finish?
Chidi:sorry, go on
Kate: If your mentality is shared with your friends and ppl you surround yourself with and is one of comparing naija to America and saying we're ok because even though we are killing our children, the Americans have kkk and gays in the military that is the wrong mindset to have and that will not do anything to help move the country forward….so you are part of the problem..NOT the solutioni'm done're probably right..I may have gone way over my head to make my point. What i was trying to say in ABC terms was, Love Nigeria and wish us the best always as we do you guys out there all the time
Kate: and be willing to recognize issues and deal with them not call them isolated incidents. how many children have to be killed for it to not be an isolated issue?
Chidi: Yes thanks..we'll work on that
Kate: questioning what you think is wrong and can be fixed is love
Chidi: While keeping the big pic in focus
Kate: i just figured that since i was talking to someone in the NA
Chidi: You're making sense
Kate: you are in a better position than most do something about it
Chidi: But it wont happen in a day…Starts with the inside
Kate: i'm not saying that it should..or expecting it to
Chidi: We need to have the right paradigm of what our value system should be …Its currently very warped
Kate: it has to start somewhere
Chidi: NA prayer go solve our problem
Kate: prayer is key …but action is necessary too
Chidi: but I won't throw the baby away with the bath water..So at least once a week…please pray for Nigeria
Kate: and action can't start if everyone turns a blind eye to it..i pray everyday

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Wedding Epidemic

Because we are at that age,

And because i obivously wish all the brave souls who have decided to make that leap..take that plunge nothing but the best.
I try to reassess my stance on marriage and since i'm not a mind reader, i can barely even begin to fathom when - if ever and to whom mine will be.

Going from not wanting to be married to wanting to be married took a while but i'm there.
I dunno what i'm trying to say... according to will i know when i'm ready to get married? I think for me these are my tell tale signs

1. Is this who God has ordained for me to marry?

2.Do i respect him and does he respect me?

3. Do i see myself waking up to the same person for the rest of my life?

4. Are we emotionally and spiritually on the same page about our future together and relationship?

5.Do the family and friends like..or at least accept and approve?

Also i took the liberty of searching for 10 questions that engaged couples should ask according to ..cuz while i'm not engaged or even close to being...doesn't it's my blog i can do what i want.

1.Why are we getting married?

2.What do we as a couple want out of life?

3.What do you think we'll be doing in thirty or forty years?

4.How often do you drink?

5.Do you think it is important to be faithful to one another?

6.Have you ever hit someone?

7.Do you have a criminal record?

8.Are you willing to replace the toilet tissue roll?

9. it just me or are these questions similar to what i would ask the person who bags my groceries?..what the hell!! no wonder there's a 50% divorce rate..nonsense

And that's the way the cookie crumbles

So a lot has happened since i last blogged....
*I have a new president..Barack Obama..and he is wonderful!
*I passed my GRE prais God!!..oh yeah..i'm applying to go back to school..those personal statements are a killer.
*I have/had mice under my dishwasher...muthafreaking mutant mice ain't dying o..that poison is NOT working.
*I'm reflecting...should be sleeping.

My new favorite word is "ackright" eventhough i haven't gotten the opportunity to use it in a conversation.

I find that ppl are more ballsy via text message..talking about "we have unfinished business!" Boy if i backhand you back into 1948!

The year is almost over. Another whole year gone. hmmm
I really did intend to type some cohesive coherent stuff but i dunno.

So i just went through my other blog which served as therapy for me when i was going through some stuff and I marvel at how seemingly far i've come and we've come....ooooH! I just remembered something to blog about...toodles

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Darn it!!

I got comments...guess tht means i should blog again.
Hmmm...90210- 2008 started today. I can't believe i'm watching this. I should be studying!!
It's not horrible. I'm glad TV is back.
These skinny NOT look high school age! geez men! just geez!
and yet i dont want it to end!!

On how life is...
Today started off not so good...but it's better now.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Blogging doesnt suck...i blogged :D Just for you.
What i meant by my answer to what do u do after blogging is that I'm at the point in my life where i really dont feel interesting enough stuff happens to me on a daily basis to warrant an entry.
But i know you'll keep blogging...and i want to keep reading!!!

Um...while i'm here
errr.... what have i been up to lately?
mostly trying to be a good grown up and a good christian. neither of them easy. especially the latter. Most days when i'm in my cube of isolation i'm good. But when i'm thrown into the test, i usually fail, or barely pass. Today, i'm barely passing. I'm somewhere between let go and let God and fearing that putting all my trust in God will give me tests that i havent studied for.

thassal folks

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just cuz

Cuz i have to be the most recently updated blog on boory's thingie...

So bloggie,
I feel like maybe i'm taking my second chance at life for granted.. re: my recent serious car accident ( car flipped over, car is totalled..almost ran into oncoming traffic). But God is good so i'm fine other than the whiplash and the bruises. I'm grateful for my co-workers being angels and for my ability to be conscious enough to call on the blood of Jesus. And yea in my quiet moments i'm still freaked out by the posibility that my life could have been over before it even really begun. I'm trying to have a better outlook on life because life really is short but i'm hoping that it hits me soon and that i get myself together and my act in gear....

My wonderful friends and family for being with me through the whole ordeal.
The nice lady who stopped and called 911 who looked so freaked by what she saw...
My Gracie for saying "I love you" and for calling to check on me again...
My love... :D for being my comic relief/masseuse/shoulder/////

Thank God for life!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sticky Ends

Hi Bloggie...
I would like to say that I miss you but I don't. Wish i did

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I know i've been stagnant for a couple of months...
I mean, i'm on vacay and all, but i've been seriously slacking...not working out, eating crap...I finished my book 4 of harry potter tho!! Still..not a good place to be.
Turning 25 in a couple of weeks... :) to be continued...

Oh..oooh...Keanu Reeves is shooting a movie in lil ol' danbury, where i live... also to be continued...i'll try not to stalk the man... but mehn... i need a keanu post with a disclaimer!!

All in all, i feel like my life this year is headed in the right direction... i just have to remember that i'm not there yet and there's still a lot of work to be done.. one of my goals this year is to borrow from the likes of PinkGloves...(i'm secretly stalking her blog..shhh!!) and make my money work better for my by investing..

I fear that i'm nearing the end of this blog....

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, after i turned off the shower, the shower head was making noise like the father in "Firestarter"..that movie just came on HBO the other day, like at freaking 3am and i happened to catch it. I remember we had a vhs of it in naija, but I think my dad recorded it from TV and the tape finished or he fell asleep or something because we never saw the end... and go figure, now that i had the opportunity i fell asleep again. Drew Barrymore was in that movie..i think she was the cutest...still is...totally dispels that myth about cute babies being uncute adults...

she looks like a cool chick to hang out with and talk to. I was talking to my roommate today and her friend, who likes this guy...and the guy likes her but they are fronting for each other..and then my other friend was all upset and she went drinking to the bar by herself...I hope she's ok. Then Lost came on and i had to leave them...just like i have to leave now...:)

Monday, February 25, 2008

My "cousin" has a crush on me!! Ghettoboory!! (by the way, it seems that i spoke your boory into u owe me!!) cousin...who is not really my cousin but because my mom feels the need to introduce everyone that we meet from our village as our cousin...he's my cousin.
Saw him again after a very long time over christmas break and ever since he keeps sending me texts talking about "I miss you" and "You should come visit, i'll pay for your ticket"...naturally i'm always inclined to say yes for free stuvving..:D but um, I wouldn't want to encourage anything especially since he may or may not be engaged or seeing someone.
So out of the blue the other day, he texts me
:: "What did you do to me? After I came to see you guys at home I can't get you off my mind, why?"
me:: "um..huh are you joking?"
Him:: "No I am not I tried to give it (the feeling) some time to go away but it didn't and I am not joking"
Me:: "Ok, I dont really know what to say"
Him:: "I don't understand it but I guess i will get over it, i hope soon"
Me:: " I hope so too, because i would like to be able to hang out and talk to you without it being weird. Hanging out is not bad"
Him:: "I'm not saying it's a bad thing just hanging around you doing regular stuff with, I just think it's odd wanting to be around you and u don't feel the same way"
Me:: *dozed off!!*

Sighs..he's a really nice guy... just not my type...i think he's cute tho!! he kind looks like Teddy Ruxpin... :D

Friday, February 22, 2008

WANNA GET AWAY...Southwest offers trips for $39 each way...:)

Ok, so my vision is not 20/20 right but my other senses make up for this.
I usually have pretty good hearing right.So get this, my roommate, thinks i went to work, so she's on the phone extra loud.
She's of the perception that "nonscience" undergrad majors aren't that hard/important..and that anyone can be a business major etc etc.
So she said this to our other friend who does business and works for GE...and she got offended.
So that sparked a whole new conversation and argument....long story, pretty boring.
So last night, she came to my room and our conversation arrived at me telling her that her temp. job at my company was just to populate a database..and she doesnt' do any real science because she doesnt work in the lab.
Apparently this pissed her off because this morning she was talking all loud to her mom about it and she pretty much just insulted me and my position.
I think it's really comical because when she finished talking about me, i was going to go out there and pretty much yell at her and curse her out. Instead i sent her a text saying "As much as I enjoyed listening to your conversation about me, could you please either lower your voice or go to your room"?
So she's obviously shocked that she just exposed her ass and comes to my room talking about how I was listening in on her conversation. Um…bitch, your ass was being loud as all hell…I was jejely trying to watch The Wire when you started talking and interrupted me.
So with egg on her face, she’s trying to pretend that she feels bad about what she said. And pretending to listen to what I’m saying.
Luckily, I’ve evolved past a lot of ignorant bullshit apparently because there were a lot of things I could have said..true things, real things. … but I didn’t…won’t. .. I really am trying to be a better person.


Mind numbing
all consuming
lip biting
toe curling
awe inspiring

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waivering my chance to be one of the hive

Sooo...long time!!
Long weekend...weekend was fabulous! I learned a lot about myself.
Cleared my head.

Um so like, i was like driving home from work and I'm still seriously thinking about going back to school so that i can shift my direction from science to the business side of science. I love my job..- the actual job i do. I hate all the ass kissing and bureaucratic bullshit that goes on with ppl vying for visibility and stealing other ppls thunder..etc.. I accept that...people are ppl, there will always be those types of ppl. I know this probably happens and might be worse in the business field but at least I expect it if i get my MBA i'll be coming in with experience as well as a degree. I'm still praying about that sha.

The thing about my company that i absolutely love is that most ppl who work there usually end up staying forever and retiring, it's that good. But it's so easy to get comfortable and stay there...i dont think that's for me...i'm different and or special...I have to do more, give more, live more :D

So, i was thinking....again, bread or some other carb had to be the forbidden "fruit". Because eh..damn that bread/ fries/cake.... those things should be illegal.!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Is He? Does He? Does He?

I'm still gathering my thoughts... but i'll be sure to write this as soon as i know!
The short answer would be .. No, Not really and Maybe not intentionally... but i have to explain myself!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Damn you CARRIE BRADSHAW!! about lateness.
Am I the only one just now really getting into sex and the city?
It comes on stupid late, but somehow my eyeballs always seem to be less droopy when it's about to come on.

Apparently, i need a disclaimer
So please, no one take this post personally...yes, ok maybe it's about you.
but i am not writing in order to lure you to read it.
I'm writing because I promised not to censure myself.

So...i'm thinking that I have a Big
And damnit it seriously
That one "perfect" person you just can't quite seem to get over
Even when you progressively try...and try...and try.

So i'm watching last night's first episode at 11:40..
And she and Big have a date and almost hook up, but don't because she leaves.
Then they don't talk for like a couple of days then he stops by...
Then the go bowling and then they DO hook up....weak bitch! :s


Friday, January 25, 2008, it's friday and i'm bored

Let me entertain you...and myself with random stuff.

I miss my Martin James!!! Cutest lil boy ever!!!

Words from songs always stick in my
Floating in this cosmic jacuzzi,we are like frogs oblivious to the water starting to boil,no one flinches, we all float face down --from Incubus' Warning

Let all who seek You, rejoice and be glad in You--Ron Kenoly and 'em kids..

I have a close friend who keeps his mom's old wrapper from back in the day close to him...all the time he says... to work, to a blanky. I thought that was cute...slightly gay but cute!

I'm currently in a hotel room with my roommate..she's taking the MCAT tomorrow... I hope she does good!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm funny DamnIT!

I really shouldn't put my mom's brothers on blast and call them all kinds of names for always trying to take advantage of my mom.
I really shouldn't because it's not the nigerian respect your elders thing to do. However, one of these days i might just be pissed enough to do so. Sha, all that rubbish has stopped.

I was having a conversation with my two sisters yesterday..and i discovered the source of my issues! They always steal my original really funny jokes and pass them on as their own or each others! :(
I'm #3, the second born is #2 and you guessed it, the first born is #1.

#2 says:

is it worth a civil relationship with them
that heath guy was cute, why did he overdose
#3 says:
who knows o
#1 says:
he had back pain
Misery Business says:
apparently cute ppl dont overdose. He had back pain?
#1 says:
yeah, it was broke

~~~pls tell me everyone get's this joke..dry as it might be. Totally unfunny especially yesterday btw!!

#3 says:

OMG!!! #1! No you didn't.
#1 says:
#3 says:
pls slap urself

Compare this joke to this beaut..

#2 says:
u want to hear something sad
#3 says:
#2 says:
an 82 yr old died when her house burned down bcos she was using candles for light and heat
#1 says:
i can top that
#2 says:
she had no electricity
#3 says:
#2 says:
top that
#1 says:
the patient i admitted today
#2 says:
#1 says:
she and her husband were driving home from a game on a rainy night and they ran into a tree
#2 says:
#3 says:
#1 says:
she comes out to get someone to call 911 and an SUV hits her and pinned her underneath for 30mins while its exhaust burnt her left butt cheek
#2 says:
oh my ...
#3 says:
wat in the name of geez
#2 says:
did the suv stop (obviously not paying attention)
#3 says: left it's exhaust and kept going! '
#2 says:
if us see an accident ua re supposed to stop
#1 says:
lmao (laughing at my sarcastic comment!)
#3 says:
it's not funny tho but
#2 says:
i mean did it drag her
#1 says:
it left its exhaust, that was very funny $2 (MEANWHILE I'm the one that made the funny)!
#3 says:
that joke has been copyrighted just so u know
#1 says:
#2 says:
yeah, u can add it to ur list of one
#3 says:
ok, no it's list of 3 original jokes
seven car collison!
#2 says:
i must have missed 2 of ur jokes

And then I probably cracked another rib rattling joke.
#3 says:
i'm 4/4 !! whoo hooo
#1 says:
#3 says:
righteous! righteous!my joke..original jokes
#1 says:
dont get it
#2 says:
people have to get the joke
#1 says:
so it cancels the other 3 u had
#3 says:
ur iq no reach
#1 says:
go tell it at mensa then
#3 says:
lol. i will.
#2 says:
see, that was funny
#3 says:
:(. i hate u both!
#1 says:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ha! Lol @ GB2...sorry dude! My internet has been smoking some low grade crack of recent.

Ah..well... so I'm a naturally contemplative person..always thinking. So my sister calls me up.. and says that him..remember him from HWNSNBM (circa November 2006)? supposed to be in town for some type of check up. Now that I feel more exposed than i thought I would ever want to be.... Wouldn't hurt to have him read two whole posts about him... right? I need the closure. Right?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


if i had blogged yesterday
today would've been my 100th blog entry!!
However..i didnt.
So this is 99.
And i'm so freaking pooped I have not been able to sit down and think.

I do however thank God for my job and my boss
I love how she always has my back!! :)


Today I was thinking bout yesterday
And I felt a twinge of jealousy
It wasn't immediate...but it surfaced.
then i remembered that there's nothing to warrant jealousy..
still..i think about it..

Ryan and Kane Sheckler are hot!
Shane is ok...but his big ears throw me off
poor middle child!!
We gon' make it!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goulash...(or some other soup!)

First of all.... GO COWBOYS...!! Please make me proud. As much as i love Jeremy Shockey...I want my boys to make it. Jessica Simpson be damned!

Today in church, the pastor as usual was talking to me!!
Luke 15:1-5,8 and 15-endish.
The prodigal son story.
The moral of the story is the same..always the same
However, something he said really stuck with me.
He said: "People treat you how they treat you because they don't know who you are connected to (God)" So it's your job (my job), to remember who I'm connected to and to remember that when dealing with people and analyzing how they treat me. It was a good sermon.

In other news,
I'm really excited about the Sarah Connor Chronicles.... i think Fox is going to be taking up majority of my TV watching time this season.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wingman Etiquette 101 roommate met this guy @ 40/40 last year....well she met a lot of guys, but she liked this one. And she hadn't seen him since. So... she decided to meet him in new york and I offered to go with her just in case, you know..whatever.
Did I feel like a third wheel? Absolutely, but I was fine with it because she's my roommate and I know she'd do the same for me.
The dude invited his keep me company i guess...what a freaking disaster!!

First of all, regardless of my absolutely no dating/self recovery '08. I was looking pretty hot (says me and at least five other dudes between 42nd and 31st)...just cuz, you's what I do..hehee. His friend Greg/Trayvon the 19 year old totally sucked!! Sucked!! I mean, I wasn't drunk, but I was semi-tipsy enough to be friendly.

To this end, I'm listing certain dos and donts for supposed wingmen.

1. Do be on time
2. Do attempt to hold a decent/educated conversation
3. Do offer to buy the lady a drink
4. Do NOT get into an argument with the lady about accents or football or basketball!!!! are you crazy?
5. Do NOT lie to the lady about your age..or your name!
6. Do NOT expect a hug or number at the end of the night.
7. Do be discerning enough to know when the lady has shut down and is no longer willing to communicate with you.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tragically Melancholic Thursday

So in this moment...i just want to scream!
YOU WIN...whatever game it is you are playing...YOU WIN. I LOSE, I LOST...I lost everything.
And in the same breath...i want to be composed and summarily dismiss I/we can move on.
And then the very next second...sighs
And then I remember.... SHIT! NO

I think my windows media player on shuffle hates me... if not why is it playing this song right now?
Lips of an angel--Hinder hates me!
Now it's playing
Why did you mess with forever--John Mayer

Well..that was my thursday...tragically..
Thank God for tomorrow no? :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas memories

Just remembered
I decided to bring up some issues i had with my parents one day..
Me: Daddy do u remember when i was studying for common entrance and you told me that if i didnt pass it i would be selling pepper on the street?
Daddy: enh?
Mommy:*chomping away at something..probably chicken bone*
Fioms: haha
Me: yep, i remember it very well
Mommy: *still chewing* eh, even if we did, maybe you weren't doing something you should have been doing like studying hard.
Me: I guess...but still
Fioms: you sound traumatized
Daddy: Me, i dont remember, maybe you dreamt it!
See me see trouble...why would i dream my parents threatening me like that.
This conversation then drifted into this one:
Fioms: I dont know why you ppl would say that to her
Me: I know right, I always did well in school.
Fioms: yep, I was always competing with you
Me: where?
{she is 5 or 6 years older than me so we'd never even be close to the same grade}
Fioms: I dunno, in school in everything...on the SATs
...she scored ten points higher....
Me: *shocked..flattered*'re not serious.

Lol, I was just suprised, because all this while, i've been doing me barely trying ,not realizing that she...DR. SHE was/has been competing with me. It made me feel good..feel blessed..feel fortunate that I've been blessed with stuff that I sometimes take for granted/ me brain.

In other news

there is a pompadour-having step aerobics savant in my class..always talking to himself and shouting out the steps... MIND YOURSELF O!!! I dont need two instructors.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Does not control me, I control it!! :(
But I do like tv a lot...
This woman right here...I love!!!
The strongest woman on TV!!
And sexy too!

Drugs are psychological

Monday, January 7, 2008

Manic Monday

I'm done...
It's really sad, yeah there's a glimmer but no way
I love me more..too much

Lots of Obama talk today
we'll see

Can't believe I was a part of something that adds SO little to my life
I'm happy to be free of it

What part of 2008 is a ME year do ppl not get?
I guess a little brutal honesty never hurt anyone

Learnt in church yesterday to hold my tongue.
To appreciate last year's instructions/tests/temptation because
It's maturing me for this year and all it's blessings.

I've forgiven and forgotten
Cuz I'm freaked out by the things that God has forgiven me for over the years
If He can, I definitely can.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Andy Rooney on 60 minutes
This man was talking about the names of the presidential hopefuls and comparing them to past presidents and things named after them. Fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions... when it comes to names like Huckabee, i and understand how JFK international airport would sound funny if it was called huckabee...or if Washington,DC was called Giuliani,DC.
What I have a problem with, is the fact that he is comparing America today to back in the day america where all the power belonged to the majority which was white. built on the backs of slaves, land stolen from natives, melting pot is not the same. Sure your navigator would sound weird being called an Obama navigator but what in the hell does that have to do with picking someone different who might possibly be just what this country needs. Interesting how he didnt mention bush or clinton.
In conclusion, Andy Rooney, mind yourself oh, Don't give me cause to attack those eyebrows with some wax!

Part Deux

Torticollis..or whatever the call it.. why me? three times? seriously? However, vicodine....*drools*.
I have addict tendencies

My favorite team came last in the Amazing Race :( Shucks!! Down but not out.

I want to compile my own bucket list!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

BestBuy Update.. HA!

So..three blogs or so ago, i was complaining about my issues with bestbuy naturally, I had to complain and send an email... This is what i wrote.:). I should be a writer yo!

I closed my account today at the Best Buy store in BLOGSVILLE,BG because of an extremely rude cashier. I've been a loyal best buy customer of a little under two years and when i went in today to make a purchase I have never felt more degraded and discriminated against as i did today. I am recovering from laryngitis and when i was asked by the cashier if i had a reward zone card, i said yes, but he claims that he did not hear me and swiped my credit card anyway. when i asked him to void the transaction he said that he could not and that i needed to speak up next time. Upon hearing this, I asked for a manager, who came by and was even ruder than that cashier. I promptly requested to be directed to where i could close my account.I understand that you guys dont need my business and my closing my account does absolutely nothing to affect you. I just want you to know how terribly lacking your customer service is at that store.


I am Pamela with Best Buy Customer Care. Thank you for contacting Best Buy about your Reward Zone account. I will be more than glad to assist you. I apologize we did not meet your expectations with our store employees. Best Buy strives to make each experience you have with us positive and as fun as possible, and we are disappointed if we don’t live up to that expectation. Best Buy relies on feedback, both positive and negative, to help us find areas for improvement. It isn’t very often that people take the time to point out something negative and we appreciate your words. I’ll be sure to pass your complaint on to everyone who was involved. As a Customer Satisfaction gesture, I have awarded 750 points to your account to make up for the inconvenience. Please allow from 7 to 10 business days for points to appear in your account. However if you still do not have the points for the purchase, we can add it from here. Please reply to this email with your customer service pin number from your receipt. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your next visit to one of our stores or to


Love...and Death

So, I was jejely having a pretty good day actually. I can check off one thing on my to do list! YAY me! when my friend gave me this blog to read. Sorry to the blogger for exposing it to my many many readers *yeah right*, but it IS on the internet. She writes about really sad issues in a relationship and all the things she went through as a result of it.
I know that God only gives us what we can handle...but can I please request not having to handle that. Well, ok I'm older than she was, but even in my old age, I can't.
I'm wondering if one of the main reasons(among others of course), why Nigerian marriages last-- on average is because of the strict guidelines that parents place(d) on their children...more so back in the day than today.
He must be from your village
He must have ten cows
His family must have more than one son etc etc.
Not that this really has anything to do with what type of person he is. But it reduces the amount of "other issues" that may come up in the relationship.
Dunno, am just thinking out loud.
So, it's safe to argue that, hopefully, being a younger, more open-minded generation, growing up in completely different circumstances than most of our parents and their parents before them...some of "those issues" are things that are overlooked now.
Me sha o, I know I've sworn off the whole love and dating thing this year :). *SHUT UP*
But, while I dont really see myself marrying a muslim or a catholic...person doesnt necessarily have to be igbo. Nigerian tho. My poor parents.
They'll be ok, I have fully established myself as the rebel, so it'll be easier for everyone involved.

I know relationships are hard, but at least even if you break up with someone, they're not gone forever (or till we meet to part no more).
I consider myself quite blessed because I haven't lost too many ppl that I'm close to. Only my great-grandmother, my grandpa and my little baby cousin Emmanuel that I never got to know. This scares me..especially since my Grandma, who i love dearlyis pretty old. I'm grateful for the time I get to spend with her. I'm grateful that she is a christian so I know i'll see her in heaven. I'm grateful that she's still spry and has her wits about her and that her soups and stews are still the best I've ever tasted. I can't even begin to feel the pain of ppl that have lost those close to them. It happens everyday...on one hand, yes I understand that this earth is only temporary but to not be able to call/see/talk to someone till then. sighs. I'm not a big confronter of death, especially my own mortality. I don't think I'm ready to talk about it yet. I should blog about it for posterity but not do i end this post?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So, last year...I didnt start off with resolutions...and look how well that worked out.. hehehee.
This year however, I will not start off with resolutions but rather..TO DO LISTS. So, here is my
January TO-DO-LIST:
1. Get more organized at work:
How you ask? Well, I've decided to also have a daily to-do list at work.
Not the anal kind like some ppl I know, but just one outlining what I have
to do for the day. And if I don't complete it, move it to the next day.
2. Get involved in some type of charity/volunteer organization:
Seriously, I've been slacking on this but I'm going to dedicate this month
to researching what's out there and seeing where I fit.
3. Get involved with my African Heritage Business Resource Group:
They need young blood. It's just that the meetings take forever and they
are all the way up the hill!! :(
4. Research that Clinical Research Certificate and what schools near by offer it:
Can't it seems interesting enough.
5. Get involved with the whole Diversity and Inclusion thing:
They need help!
6. Join a GYM!
LMAO..ok, i'm definitely too cheap for this one. But I am getting bored
with my workouts. I know some gyms offer trial periods...lets see how many free ones I can get!
7. Start Reading
So, I havent finished my Harry Potter Series (mainly cuz BOOK 3 came on and i was like "seriously, if i watch it i don't have to read it do i? but i
cant bring myself to move on to BOOK 4). Plus I got this really cool book
for christmas...I'm stuck on chapter one :(. THEN yesterday at my impromptu guilt/mind clearing induced workout, i saw that Sophie Kinsella has a new book out!!...wait a minute, i can't find it on amazon! crap! The only one doesnt come out till February 2008).

Thas it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 ~ This Year

No Occasion justifies hatred;
No injustice warrants bitterness,I choose love.
This year, I will love God and what God loves.

I will invite God to be the God of circumstance.
I will refuse the temptation to be cyncal..
the tool of the lazy thinker. I will refuse to see people as anything less than
human beings, created by God. I will refuse to see any problem as anything less
than an opportunity to see God.

I will live forgiven. I will forgive so that I may live.

I will overlooke the inconveniences of the world.
Instead of cursing those who take my place, I'll invite them to do so. Rather
than complain that the wait is too long, I will thank God for a moment to pray.
Instead of clinching my fists at new assignments, I will face them with joy
and courage.

I am a spiritual being
After this body is dead, my spirit will soar.
I refuse to let what will rot, rule the eternal.
I choose self-control. I will be drunk only by joy.
I will be impassioned only by my faith.
I will be influenced only by God.
I will be taught only by Christ.