Monday, September 20, 2010

What had happened was...

Hiya folks

yay to the ppl that read and liked my lil piece of fiction
I swear i meant to update and i do have an update but i dont have anything after that because i havent written that far in advance.....
what had happened was ...i gorra take this exam real quick and it's real intense and i really dont have time to do anything else....

But once i'm done...and pass by God's grace..i'll be back in full full effect....

@Taynement...i read all 100...teehee 5'3" short stuvvs
@NiceAnon...this is too early for me to be laughing like a crazy person...smh...funny stuvvs..why you no wan give love a chance?

Hope er'one is doing ok...

see y'all in a month by God's grace~!

Monday, September 6, 2010


When I was a little girl...I wanted to be a writer among other things. On the side of course because um..caint no one make no good money as a writer...thou shalt be a doctor.

I even wrote a book once with my best friend in secondary school

Now, I think about it from time to time, curse my lack of imagination and busy life (yeah right)

I even toyed with the idea of writing to support my academic habit but then I claimed i would never have time.

But here it is..Monday, public holiday and an idea came into my head and it stuck. I've started short stories before, and I might not finish this one, but the iron is hot and i don't feel like doing anything else right now it is.
Thanks Myne for I used some of your work to teach myself how to write stories.
And thanks Nickelback for i fapped one of your lines as a title. guys be gentle k? All 5 of you that read my blog. I will try my darnedest to make it a complete story.

Lastly, This is all pure fiction. I was listening to Nickelback and the idea came to me...*bites fingernails* hope you like!

Mind Of Kate