Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Ahem...Hi! *hides face*

I tried to log in today and I had forgotten my password!...yes..i'm ashamed...and yes i feel really bad..but you can't spank me so there! :p

I dunno why I haven't been blogging...I'm just a very lazy person...very is bad! But..i do have updates..

1. Oh mother...the i-still-have-a-flip-phone-and-cannot-be-bothered-to-even-carry-my-phone-around...has decided to start her own blog. The endtimes are truly nigh! Like WTH? I was shocked...I mean it'll probably take her another 6 months to type up her first blog (finger typer that she is)...but's a scary thought!!!!!

2. Got engaged recently...I don't know why I'm sharing that...but it is an update and it's pretty big we all friends right?Thanks in advance if you congratulate me! :)

3. Grad school is a positive this space!

4. I just found out I'm going to be an aunt...again...not by blood oh before you go call someone and they go huh!..but is it weird that i feel like one of my greatest accomplishments to date is being an aunt. Sometimes..i talk to myself and in my head i call me Aunty Kate? like i didn't have an identity before i became an aunt!...weird!

5. I think coupled with the fact that i'm lazy is that i'm becoming more i should really i should...but i just can't be bothered...what is going on...please dont say old age.

6. I'm coming up on the beginning of my last year in the 20's...JISOS!...I think I might go into some sort of depression that day. Well nah..lemme enjoy this one and postpone depression to 30. Where did the decade go....I think i spent 70% of it in school sha! Damn!...
The cool thing about growing older..for me that looking back, i think i have slowly grown into my own. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up...but I'm more confident and comfortable with who I'm becoming...mostly.

7. On the coming into my own tip...I think...nah..i know that I weigh less now than i did in high school. Y'all are going to laugh but my biggest that no one told me back in the day that eating too much and not exercising enough would make me fat..maybe someone told me but I clearly wasn't listening. Anyhoo...I'm definitely more comfortable in my own skin now...and I think i look good...:)...not quite where i need to be but i'll get there.

8. Shoutout to true bloggers that don't abandon their blogs consistently...

9. That is all...bye guys