Friday, October 16, 2009

Je vis pour Vendredi!!

Yayyy it's friday!!!

and Yay!!! I'm a good mood because God is wonderful and faithful and even though my mustard seed faith wavers...He's still faithful. I'm sure He must shake his head at me when I'm being chicken little!

Today is my dad's birthday!...yay!! My dad is awesome and I love him and the sacrifices that he and my momma made for their kids!! I just hope I make them proud! :)

So..yesterday/this week i was all ready to blog about my version of evolution (cuz i don't believe in the current version) and how it applies to interracial dating and marriage..but then SOMEONE!!! told me that I'd gone off the deep end with my stereotypes cuz I've been in isolation...I still think i have something sha..but let me sleep on that a little bit.

I've realized...even though i thought i knew this a while back..than music just makes me happy. I used to love studying to music but then i was scared that i wouldn't be able to remember stuff on exams cuz i wouldn't be allowed to have headphones on..but I can't just not listen to music all now i just listen when I'm walking.
Top 10 on steady repeat (yes they are all old)
1. MI - illegal music - track 2-- the one that goes "i can paint a picture with a pen"
2. MI - illegal music - Gbono fe li freestyle...i love MI!!
3. Lady Gaga - Just Dance...that's the only Lady Gaga song i have on my ipod but it puts me in such a good mood..i ALWAYS dance..regardless of where I am.
4. Good girls go bad! - Starship cobra
5. Superhuman - Chris Brown f. Keri Hilson
6. Maino - All the above
7. Ego- Beyonce...i dunno..i get in these beyonce moods..I'm so going to learn that dance..just cuz i wanna
8. Nickelback - I'd come for you
9. Buy you a drink -the remix with Trey Songz...
10. Redeemer - Nicole C. Mullen...i love the part where she says "Because He lives I can face tomorrow"

Heb. goel; i.e., one charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs (Lev. 25:48, 49; Num. 5:8; Ruth 4:1; Job 19:25; Ps. 19:14; 78:35, etc.). This title is peculiarly applied to Christ. He redeems us from all evil by the payment of a ransom (q.v.). (See REDEMPTION.)
deep stuvvs!

11. Use somebody-Kings of Leon..but it's not on my ipod
@Mgbeks..i was gonna comment on ya blog about the whole running thing..I dunno about no marathon status type running yet (been scared ever since some 23yr old collapsed and later died running the Baltimore marathon) but...i would love to run the 5k someday. There's this couch to 5k running training type thing that I've been helps you stay fit and it trains you to pace yourself while should checkirrout if you are interested. Ahem..I'm on week 3..I've been on week 3 for like 2 weeks *blush* don't judge me!! this girl is busy and thangs!!'s getting cold!! soooo not cool.
Enjoy the weekend folks...stay warm

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Standing Up for what you believe in...

Shall we address why i'm still up at freaking 2:27am even though I have class tomorrow and was twenty minutes late to class yesterday cuz i slept late? Let's not! has the monopoly on the best reality shows - Amazing Race, Big Brother and Survivor.

I'm not going to go into details but I just watched 3 episodes of Survivor ONDEMAND and can I just say it revived my dwindling hope for black America?
This random dude Ben was calling this black chick Jasmine ghetto trash cuz she was accusing him of bodyslamming her in a challenge. Ben (a bar manager) later called her a bitch and said that she should go eat ketchup sandwiches and drink koolaid.
Enter our hero first i thought he was a proper naija boy..but then he spoke and i was like..."awww man..nah he ain't but he's still cute tho..sans the two toned southern exposure"....

All this while...*Ben and Jaison are on the same team...Jasmine is on the other team..she was visiting their camp for the day*
All this while, Jaison was just quiet, observing..and I'm like "ok i know this is a game..but can my black man please stand up for me?"...(well not me but you get).
So sha...that episode goes by and Ben is still there..Jaison still aint said jack.
Next episode...Ben is even more obnoxious and annoying..or maybe i just really dont like the guy more...and Jaison is like.."dude made some racial comments"..."dude's gotta go!!"
Errbody else including Russell (who is another case) was like "nah men..let's take out a girl and leave him for next time".Jaison is like..."dude's gotta go!"
So they all go to tribal council where they vote...and after some back and forth between Ben and Jaison...Jaison finally gives this speech..speech to rival any and all of Obama and MLK's speeches put together (ok...i'm exaggerating). But brought tears to my eyes. I said a special prayer for his parents for raising him right!
He said:

"I just have to draw a line in the sand. And I have to say that there is no 1 million dollars that is worth me sitting up with him anymore. I mean, I sat here and watched him scream at Yasmin at our camp, and over here, saying incredible things. So is there a way to patch this rift? I don't think so. But I'm not going to sit in camp and listen to this guy. I'm just not.You should have some sensitivity to history. And historically when certain comments are made and directed toward certain people it is because of race. If what you're telling me what you said had no racial context, then maybe what Yasmin said is right and you are ignorant.”- Jaison

*guess her name is Yasmin not Jasmine :D

Chineke!! I wanted to applaud!! I was filled with this renewed sense of hope..and pride. That's what we need. More men to stand up for what they believe in. Was Yasmin wrong?..ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY....but that is not the point..let her wallow in her own ignorance. Years from now she will look back and regret her actions..but Jaison never ever will.

So even if RIP Black in America is right and the Jaisons of the world will go on to marry white women..while the Yasmins of the world stay picking no good men and being loud and nonsubmissive...that's ok too. Maybe it's natural selection..cuz i know that regardless of who Jaison marries (as I book my UHAUL to relocate to chitown)..he will instill in his progeny that idea of believing in something and standing up for it!! I hope. In short Jaison is on my prayer list!

About Jaison...Jaison Robinson is a 28 year old law student from Chicago. Undergrad from Stanford. US National Water Polo team :), Loves physical activities *ahem*...plays the piano and the cello...uh...did i mention he was named Mr Califorina by Cosmo in 2006? Oh i didnt? Did i mention that i was relocating to the Chi? LOL!! Trynna find a cuter picture than what's on

Monday, October 5, 2009

Life...Love and the Pursuit of Happiness..

So this post from taynementy got me thinking before..then i put my thoughts on hold until today... These are not long thoughts...just semi-complete..sometimes incomplete sentences..about those three things in the title....

On the big deal in school today is about one of the 2009 Nobel Laureates for Medicine and Physiology..Carol Greider . They discovered the enzyme telomerase and i had typed stuff about it but it somehow got deleted and i dont feel like typing it has something to do with cancer and aging...
you know who might have waaay more telomerase than normal people? George this dude doesn't seem to age!! Has anyone sequenced his DNA? he could be the source of several cures..i tell you..look at his pictures from the '50's, 80's and today...this dude is 70!...then again maybe it's the tanning...and the botox..but even before botox men...!

Anyhoo...Greider is like 48 now with a husband and 2 kids......they made this discovery when she was 23 and in her first year of grad. school....So when i first reaction was like...good for her..followed closely by a second which girl is 3 years late on the Nobel-worthy discovery tip..but i have twenty two years before i hit that 48 mark!
And then i thought...I mean i would like my work to be meaningful and helpful to mankind..but seriously that's not what gets me up in the morning..I just really want to do the best I can in that one day and make it through the day onto the next. And i want to love what i do. So I'm praying for God's vision and wisdom on that...maybe if i didn't watch so much TV..I'd have more time for other stuff :D

On Love..went to a friend's wedding this past whirlwind weekend..and it was nice catching up with the peeps...and chilling with my neph!!!Every time i see him i want to relocate so i can see him everyday! :( He's barrels of fun!!! Sha sha...the wedding was interesting. The bride was beautiful..her wedding dress was gorgy!! The only lil damper was a lil speech given about the cake before the "first feeding" and how it was supposed to be bringing us...uncouth lil folks a slice of culture by including a leaf covered statue of the Eiffel Tower...end verbal diarrhea....Oh yes! yo girl caught the bouquet!!! was quite comical really...especially when my mom came over to hug me like i had accomplished some feat..when nobody else really wanted to catch it...single ladies be fronting sha!! Moms followed it up by asking me when i was getting which i promptly replied:"two years"...:D. Trust my pops to act like nothing happened!
Sooooo not the point of this paragraph sha.....point was...I know we are all at that age and everythang where...our career goals might be looking like it's getting somewhere...and we are done partying and bs-ing...and therefore...feel the need to jump the broom...but my prayer is that everyone who wants to get married finds the right person to jump the right broom with..not cuz it's the "logical" next step but because that's who they want to spend their happily ever after with. Amen

On the pursuit of know what makes me happy? ..every morning at alarm is set to 860AM i wake up to Dr. Robert Cook's "walk with the King"...i thought it was just a 15 minute morning devotional..but apparently I've been missing like 40 minutes of it! Ha!..anyway..i think those last 15 minutes are when he summarizes. I love it because it just puts me in the right mind frame for the day. Instead of rushing to get ready like my roommate (who i beat to class everyday anyway!!)...i get those 15 minutes to relax and reflect on the blessings of the day before and the challenges of the day...
My neph..makes me happy...
My friends and family being healthy and happy makes me happy...
Resto makes me happy...
School....ha! not so much...but life after school definitely makes me happy...
erm...glad to see that some ppl had nice weekends..thanks for the prayers on Friday....I'm sure they were answered.
@Myne..thanks for visiting and commenting!!!
mini rant!! might think you don't have an expiration date..but y'all do...looking like old uncles at the club...if you like don't go settle down and find a wife...when younger girls see you what they're really thinking is "EWWWW..why is this old guy who looks like my uncle trying to holla". And for the love of 1997...please stop posing with fake gang signs and the peace sign..maybe it's just me but the hell!!...stop it!! guys and girls...stop it now!
Now that i have properly wasted 2 hours of my life typing and browsing...i must now go do what I'm supposed to be doing. And i was looking forward to watching Mulan today! :(