Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Year...New You and all that junk!

So...last year, I didn't make any resolutions cuz i was like "resolutions? them thangs don't work!"
But this year...I was like well last year I made unspoken resolutions and didn't accomplish them...well...maybe a couple...
So this year...I decided to try again and thought..maybe it would work better if I do:
1. Not try to accomplish all of them at once (1/month - 40 days)

2. Not beat myself up about it if i didn't accomplish them

I just wanted to recap for meself

    - Resolution: Start exercising
    - Success?: Yay
    - Background: I actually love working out...I do..but I also love eating, and being sedentary and watching TV..and left to my own devices..devises?...I'd rather eat in bed while watching TV. The good thing is when I'm in the gym, I'm focused. The perks of being a student is free gym membership.
Anyway, my school gym has pretty good classes and I'm usually in the gym about 5-6 days a week (good week) and 3 days (bad week)..this is what I do..

Monday: Kickboxing...the crazy chick that runs this class..ahem..forgets often that we are human beings and that no one likes to do 100 moves on a step followed by 72 jumping jacks followed by 20 burpees followed by mountain climbers...AS A WARM UP!!..while getting screamed at! The class should be called boot camp. (think i get a mini panic attack right before each class...but that stuff works men! And i find myself showing up week after week.)
ASIDE: whoever invented burpees must have been a prison inmate because the only way I'll ever complete 20 if someone threatens to shank me! Just saying..those things are NO BUENO!!!

Wednesday: Cardio Jam is pretty much just step aerobics with booty shaking intervals so naturally..i love it

Thursday: Ab Attack and Kickboxing....a tamer version of Monday's class but still sweat inducing and more fun.

So that's 3 days...on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday...I run.
OK..I am shame that when i first started in January..I would run/walk for 20 minutes and I don't think i  could run for 5 minutes straight but i was doing the Couch25K program so technically...I may or may not have been able to run more than 5 minutes that first week but i was bound by the program..and since I didn't try to see if i could..the world will never know.
The moral of the story is that I am 8 weeks in and I can run for 28 minutes..NO STOPPING!! Woohoo...
It's not no's more like 5-5.5mph but I think I'm building up I can get chased by the killer and as long as he agrees to a slow jog and not an all out adrenaline driven chase...i think i can outrun him (unless he's on week 9 of the program where you have to run 30 minutes...hmmmm...damn it!)

Anyhoo...the C25K is a 9 week I'll be done next week by God's grace... and I dont see myself giving up this gymming thing by I think i can confidently say that I have accomplished that resolution! Yay Me!

   - Results: well...i haven't gained weight..i think i may have lost about 4lbs and some inches...since January 1st, but I also am not very good about the whole eating thing..yet. That's my April resolution. But i think my clothes fit me better...I'm seeing some pretty cool muscle definition all over the place so nice nice overall..

   - Path forward: apparently, there's a Bridge to 10K (6miles) program as well so  I'm going to do that after I'm done with the C25K...they both have free apps on Droid in case anyone is interested (C25K and Bridgeto10K) i think iPhone folks gorra pay...teehee suckers!!

The thing is...I don't think i like running (yet) really depends on my mood that day and my music. But I show up and I do it and when I'm done..i feel like Wonder Woman :) My goal is to get up to running 5 miles a Beyonce because let's face it...she's the supreme ruler of all things young,fabulous and black
(side eye that one with her increasingly blonde look lately)!

UGGH! i swear...this post was not supposed to be this long!
I'll recap February another day and get into March and April as well...

Y'all stay warm..and safe..and good and junk!

ASIDE: does anyone else sometimes mistakenly type and end up at Cameroon's google? and wonder..why the hell does Nigeria not have a me?..sigh! We hail thee o!... 

Wouldn't it be absolutely hilarious if Nigerians revolted like the Egyptians or Libyans?...seeing as we apparently have a democracy...HILAR!!!...sorry y'all i have tyrantous (yes that's a word...i just played it on wordfeud..26 points) streak is coming out a bit these days...another day another post!!

As i was saying sha...