Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The best part of me....

..I've been trying to think of 7 things about me that weren't cliche or boring...cuz i got tagged by Taynement...for 3 weeks now..maybe less...

1. I love cop shows...something about the bad guy always getting their just desserts is so gratifying.
- Law and Order: SVU (not the original or the faux C.I or L.A or whatever else). Just me, Benson and Stabler fighting bad guys..kicking ass and taking names..and not smiling.
- Rookie Blue: Come back Rookie Blue..y'all should watch it..there's a nigerian chick on it...i feel like i'm the only one that watches it and i dont want it to get canceled.
- Southland: Ok...I have been in love with Ben McKenzie since the O.C, and looove Regina King in it...the whole cast chemistry is ridiculous and the stories make me cry. @RepOne..PLEASE tell me you're on Southland..pleeeesee!!

2. Speaking of which...I love a good cry....a good cry until you cant cry anymore and you go to sleep. I usually have one once a month..sheesh PMS is real y'all! But I wake up the next morning and all is right with the world.

3. When I was younger and wasn't allowed to have life experiences..I'm sure I made up a full life of love and hurt and pain in my head and I lived it through music. And now that i'm old and have had life still surfaces some times...scary!

4. Honestly...I really do think i can sing! I friends have told me..and I wont be one of those friendless fools that come on American Idol thinking they can sing when the whole world knows they cant. Guess I'll stick to the shower and my car.

5. My idea of a perfect weekend seems to have evolved to waking up at 7am to watch reruns of Law and Order...then breakfast, then a nap, then lazing about....then getting good bad food like indian and a movie and doing more lazing about.

6. I like spending time with myself....most times more than hanging out with people..

7. For some reason..I'm pretty good at remembering random trivia crap... One day it will pay off...I hope.

That's all...c'est fini..ze end..beautiful people..stay warm and stuff...we go dey jam!