Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So..i got tagged 5000 years ago...finally saw it..see!! :)

5 Famous people I want to meet: (honestly famous ppl dont shack me like that...plus i'm shy :o)

- Keanu Reeves (y'all know my infinite yet one-sided relationship with this dude will probably never die..i just love him)
- Oprah (i think what she's got is contagious..if i meet her i might catch some of it)
- Jennifer Aniston ( i think we would be good friends)
- I guess Obama (i mean what is he going to say to me? nyeh!)
- Keanu Reeves (the second meeting is when he'll realize we are soulmates and we'll live together forever in harmony like ebony and ivory teehee!)

5 Books that affect(ed) you:

- The Bible--nah freal tho..cliche as it seems
- The Alchemist by Paul Coelho
- God is Relevant by Luis Palau
- Little Bee by Chris Cleave (i'm actually still reading this book and it.does.not.suck)
- Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (just an awesome page turner)

5 favorite movies:

- Jurassic Park 2 (and 3 sometimes but i can watch 2 like everyday)
- The First Matrix
- Terminator 2: Judgement Day
- Mulan
- A Goofy Movie

5 things you can't do without:

- Air
- Food
- Water
- My Cellphone
- um...yeah maybe a really nice fine point pen from pilot

5 turn ons (i'm guessing in the opposite sex)

- Honesty
- Sense of humor
- Tall
- Dark
- Handsome

5 turn offs:

- Liars
- Assumers
- Cocky Morrasuckers
- Users
- Abusers

Monday, December 27, 2010

As we proceed...

*Dr. Nick* Hiii Everybody! */Dr. Nick*

Hope everyone had a fabulous christmas holiday. Mine was memorable to say the least.
Gosh so like last year, I was determined...DETERMINED to not make any stupid new year's resolutions because well... they never really work out too well for me. But this year...i figure..what the heck.
No matter what i call it sha...it's still a resolution..resolving to do something better..but really I just want to start acting like a grown ass woman all the way around because ..ahem...we gon' be turning 2-8 in the 0-1-1 and so...we should try acting like a grown as woman in her late 20's (excuse me while i hyperventilate!)

Ok..now that that's done...let's recap 2010 shall we...

In 2010,
Professionally/Academically: I joined a lab and I got started on my thesis project. I also took and passed all my required courses as a graduate student and passed my graduate board oral exam! Not too shabby if i do say so meself!

Personally: I lost like 11lbs (and gained it back but that's besides the point!), I got tree braids and a weave oooh ohhh and my hair grew and I was able to retain some length. Um...I fell in and out of love with running. I was on a pretty cool Me'n'God relationship kick...and I learned some stuff about myself...then i slacked off.

Socially: I made new friends maybe lost some old ones......i have a terrible habit of not keeping in touch..so not cool!

Blogwise:...could be better...it's not even that i dont want to blog...it's just that I honestly usually dont have anything to blog about. But I want to take this blogging thing semi seriously...people on here seriously motivate me..i just need inspiration and less slackeritis...

So...my grown ass woman goals for the 0-1-1 (GAWG)

- Do well in my classes
- Finish up my electives
- Plan out experiments beforehand
- Keep a daily to-do list
- Write in my lab notebook faithfully
- Be more active in one organization

- Take my multivitamin daily (ok nightly cuz that thing makes me nauseous)
- Make healthier food choices 80% of the time
- Maintain my workout routine
- Register/Train for a 5k
- Do all my grown woman health stuff (dentist, eye doctor, lady doctor)
- Stop treating my hair like it's the ugly step sister
- Get into the whole makeup thing (at least to the level that GAW should be)
- Get back into my Me'n'God kick...seriously only good things came out of that

- Actually start being more mindful of what i do with my pennies
- Save up for what i want instead of charging charging charging!!

- Be more social i guess
- Be a better friend
- I want to travel beyond just visiting my nephew..My labmates and I plan to eat our way through ATL and my boyfriend (did i just say that? ick..well i guess that's wat a GAW does! :p)...want to try visiting all 50 states..so we gotta start somewhere. I guess technically we've been to Florida,New York, California, Texas, Georgia and the DMV. I'm thinking Vegas (even though i've been)

- Actually comment on blogs that I read instead of just passing through..and not just lazy comments..insightful ones like "LOL" and "OMG NO SHE DIDNT" and "WORD"

How do i plan on accomplishing all this you ask? Hell if I know!! LOL..y'all got any ideas? What has worked for you?

I was thinking of taking on one of these tasks per month so i dont feel overwhelmed...like starting January 1st..i'll start taking a multivitamin a day and see how it goes from there.

I hope you all have wonderful new year with lots of amazing things and good health.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Whatcha say!

Heeeeeyyy there Bloggy McBloggers!

I'm not even going to make excuses...that's so 2010 and as we don almost reach the 0-11...(oooh oohh..can we all make a pact to only refer to 2011 as 0-1-1?..c'mon! please? please? it'll be so cool!!)

Hope everyone is chilling and chilly...my cincy chica...please keep that icy weather on your side of the country mmmkay? Thanks!

What's been going on with me?

Um...not much but I'll break it all down in random fashion

The closest thing I had to a "bestie" is getting married in 8 days..aaaahhh!! in naija :( and i'm missing it!boooo! But they know I love them, and I'll come visit lots when they get back....and I promise to be the best Godmother I can possibly be when the time comes...:)

I dont know how you superwomen with careers and kids do it. I dont have a kid or a career but I find it hard to divide my time...I was recently on holiday and spent most of my time with my smart, cute,adorable,awesome, funny, character of a nephew and I totally blocked out anything grad school related...as in complete amnesia but then when i come back...after i overcome the depression of being away from him..i'm back into my work... How do you balance both? Gosh...MRS degree here I come!

So I still don't know what the hulabaloo is about this twitter business....I contemplated joining just to follow Idris Elba but i figure what's the point..I got me my own real life Idris that i can follow..:)

In the same vein...In the last couple of weeks, I've had some interesting encounters with how you say...."interested parties?"...and I've decided i'm too nice. OK...help me out here...When/How do u tell someone...um..thanks for the compliments and you're nice and all but I'm not interested in you like that?...I really was just being nice and making conversation while we are on this plane together/damn hartsfield-jackson aka the most awful airport/dancefloor of a wedding that i was dragged to by my parents where the dj is on point and my shoes are comfy so i gorra dance/////? Because I'm too nice, ppl feel like I should give them my number..then when u say "I'm seeing someone"...they say.."so you can't have friends?" or "i didnt ask if you had a boyfriend did i?" and that's when i become not so nice!

So my parents came to visit me...after i moved into my new place..which i love, and think is totally cute even if it might slightly be possibly next to a den of wolves (maybe werewolves? maybe Alcide?oooooooooooooooooooo! Lol) And I gorra tell you...it was actually fun having them...I had to talk them through how to use an electric can opener and they were kinda nagging about everything!! "why are you speeding?".."aren't you cold?" "what time are you going to work?" "arent you going to eat?"...like arrrrrrrrrrrrgghh I'm grown...but i did get some banging stew and soup out of it so i cant complain.

I mean, I'm all for nigerian food and ppl dont like change but geez men..my Dad would not eat any food that wasnt cooked at home or soup and eba...seriously!! it was so annoying, then again his favorite restaurant used to be "Burger King"...so..i guess it's my own fault for wanting to make him try something else...TRUE STORY
Daddy: I dont eat food outside anymore
Me: Nothing at all? What about pizza? (back in the day we had pizza and movies occasionally)
Daddy: Well...sometimes I get pizza but I have to see them making it
Me: So where do you go that you see them making it?
Daddy: Oh wow...I go to Cici's Pizza..that's where i get pizza from
Bless his heart!!

I'm grateful for my parents..they are the most down to earth people ever...none of that nigerian too big for your britches shit...they are just real and I totally appreciate that...Love em!!

Men...like joke like joke another year is over!! What did i accomplish this year? I'll contemplate and blog that next...it's been a year...not good, not bad..just interesting.

Jimmy Fallon is not a good interviewer....

Happy Friday!!Abuo!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back on the scene with a pocketful of lint!

Hi Folks,
I've been gone so long that i almost forgot my password..:)
But i'm back...and for those who care but did not get the text! This chick righchea passed her exam!! *happy dance* Thanks for all the prayers!! I appreciate ya...Thanks...ALL thanks be to God because I know for a fact that I did not do any of it by myself.

What have I been up to you ask? Nothing...absolutely nothing...trying to get back into the groove or actually working and trying to get experiments to work.

Let's random a bit shall we? *POSSIBLE SPOILER*

So i saw "For Colored Girls" and I thought it was pretty good. Granted, I'm a movie snob and the movie going experience was not the best..like shut up already nobody cares what you think about the movie, just let me enjoy it. But i didnt let even that affect me...
Come to find out that ppl are extra pissy that Tyler Perry hates black men.
Can I be honest...on my own blog without people thinking i'm racist or that i hate black people?
Ok here it goes.....

Honestly, until that movie, I don't think i understood the plight of "black women" in America. Or at least, I don't think I empathized. But after the movie, while I don't necessarily think i can relate to all the characters, I definitely understood where they were coming from and how truly possible it is to end up where they did. And yes it was all at the hands of black men! DAMN YOU BLACK MEN...if you aint in jail, you're either on the downlow or trying to rape or kill us poor black women! (that part was a joke! kinda!lol..ok it was definitely a joke).

But seriously...we as a race need to get out act together...i'm not even comparing across races...i'm just saying...we need to stop selling ourselves short and allowing our past to dictate our future...
Personally sha..me i think it's kinda genetic a little bit, and mixed in with just centuries of self doubt and self loathing and selfishness and this transcends even to africa.

Before this movie...i admit that my concern/focus even though i havent really done much to help was solely based on africa/naija and trying to figure out ways to make it better...but the movie helped me to see that I should care/try to help out more in the community I'm in right now....

I'm sure this stuff is all a bunch of junk....probably makes no sense...but it's all straight from my brain in random fashion and I dont feel like editing...

Hope erbody is hanging in there with life and junk!


Monday, September 20, 2010

What had happened was...

Hiya folks

yay to the ppl that read and liked my lil piece of fiction
I swear i meant to update and i do have an update but i dont have anything after that because i havent written that far in advance.....
what had happened was ...i gorra take this exam real quick and it's real intense and i really dont have time to do anything else....

But once i'm done...and pass by God's grace..i'll be back in full full effect....

@Taynement...i read all 100...teehee 5'3" short stuvvs
@NiceAnon...this girl..it is too early for me to be laughing like a crazy person...smh...funny stuvvs..why you no wan give love a chance?

Hope er'one is doing ok...

see y'all in a month by God's grace~!

Monday, September 6, 2010


When I was a little girl...I wanted to be a writer among other things. On the side of course because um..caint no one make no good money as a writer...thou shalt be a doctor.

I even wrote a book once with my best friend in secondary school

Now, I think about it from time to time, curse my lack of imagination and busy life (yeah right)

I even toyed with the idea of writing to support my academic habit but then I claimed i would never have time.

But here it is..Monday, public holiday and an idea came into my head and it stuck. I've started short stories before, and I might not finish this one, but the iron is hot and i don't feel like doing anything else right now so...here it is.
Thanks Myne for I used some of your work to teach myself how to write stories.
And thanks Nickelback for i fapped one of your lines as a title.

Um...you guys be gentle k? All 5 of you that read my blog. I will try my darnedest to make it a complete story.

Lastly, This is all pure fiction. I was listening to Nickelback and the idea came to me...*bites fingernails* hope you like!

Mind Of Kate

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When the oceans rise and thunders roar......

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
within your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know his power
In quietness and trust----"Still"..by Hillsong (beautiful song)

....so, I just spent 3 full days with my family and my nephew and I didn't want to come back..not to work..not to reality. I'm probably being overly dramatic too...but
I kinda feel like there's no greater purpose in life than being able to make someone smile completely and wholeheartedly. And when it's an innocent little 2 year old...it just fills my heart completely.
So yea i didn't want to come back to meaningless pursuits that may or may not amount to anything in the end.
....I also realize that life goes on...without you (me in this case)..eventually. On either end...what you left and what you came back to...all keeps going, almost like you never existed. So why are you here?

Anyway...I'm sure these are pretty standard feelings coming back after vacay no?

So might as well stop moping and get on with the routine. Where's my hamster wheel?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In true mismash form...

Hey dudes and dudettes *waves*....(no really, i waved at the screen..i think you ought to wave back...c'mon..noone is looking)..:) YAY. HI!!

So last night I dreamed that I was using a pay phone to register for classes for my last semester and some dude came up in front of me..light skinned, medium build, fade, leather jacket...and stabbed me in the gut. No reason...just cuz..and I felt it. it HURT! Like it woke me up from sleep and I thought i was dead..coincidentally, my alarm went off and "Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World was playing. Where is Joseph when you need him? Or Dom?

Good thing about waking up at 6am to get to work at 8am...you're done at 10am with all your work! LOL..FML what am i going to do for the next 6 hours?

D'you guys notice how my updates follow a pattern? Usually, I blog on days of the week ending with -day. :) *rim-shot*...no? *crickets*? you suck!!

For months it's been an ongoing battle with the little coffee shop in my building. They make this Chai Latte that tastes like magic and is unbelievable...it's also expensive...and the owner refused to tell me where they get it from..sha got one of the workers to give me the package and i ordered it from amazon..now when i go to get steamed skim milk i know they side eye me...but i don't care..i'm saving myself freaking $3 a cup..EAT THAT BOYS!!

OMG...soo...for as long as i've been sitting here..(it's kinda like a mezzanine separated into cubicle type spaces..but anyhoo...as long as i've been here, there's been a phantom burper..person climbs up the stairs and just *burp* *BURP* *BURRRRRP*...so rude and so freaking nasty..and before i can turn the corner to see who it is..they're gone...so i had to plan a stakeout..and I caught the phantom burper!! turns out it's this older asian lady..now it's awkward...how do i tell her "Look lady...stop burping -obviously on purpose cuz this ish happens everyday-..it's gross dude!"

I was reminiscing yesterday and going back to 4 years ago when i was all excited about blogging and i notice that my blogs were usually short...so i think maybe i'll go back to that...more frequent.

A bien tot!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 things going through my mind...!!!

1. Soccer...like milk..does the body good!! Have you seen the bodies on those soccer players?...Mommy like!! :) I'm not a big fan of the overly muscular...i like to appreciate it from afar but I dunno..gimme lean any day over ginormous muscles and you got yourself a happy girl!! :)

2. Competing w/ le boy on who can firm up their abs quickest ($100 by December)...all started cuz he said my tummy was smooth and fluffy like amala or tuwo...*rolls eyes*...so..i need all the tips (unconventional only please!)...i now eat right and exercise...I'm working on that part. I want other crazy tips like drink scalding hot water before bed...or hop on one leg for 5 minutes...that you have tried and that works!! :) Thank um...this is what I'm going for..

Una think say I fit? I'm extra pumped to do it cuz of all the side bets against me apparently taking place...if you want to win good money..you should bet on me..I'm the underdog...like Seabiscuit..:) (wait..was Seabiscuit the underdog?)

..My incentive...some $100 shoes yeah boy!!!!! :)

3. I like doing "different" things..i mean i know I'm not unique in that regard..but i would try almost anything once. This past weekend I got to go ziplining through the trees...it was kinda scary cuz all you have is a harness (although they said it could hold up to 285lbs...i was like..."watch mine be the only one that doesn't!"). It was lots of fun though...swinging into rope ladders and crossing from post to post 500ft up in the air....however..skydiving and bungee jumping are out!!

Now if you can get me to do something different...followed by food..I'd be all for it..ex..in DC this Sunday (i think it might be a weekly thing)..they are doing a Tone,Taste and Tan thingie where you do 1hr of yoga on the roof of the Liaison Capitol Hill, and then you get breakfast after that at Chef Art Smith's restaurant
and then you get to chill by the pool for as long as you want...
The only bummer is that it's $50 bucks!!

4. Bout to move y'all!! Gosh..I've moved every year since 2006...actually make that 2005. It's getting tiring. I love moving..but the packing up part I'm not a fan of..help anyone?

5. So ever since I discovered Pinkberry..the magical place with orgasmic frozen yogurt...I mean i still eat ice cream but I crave frozen yogurt...i walked miles and miles in NY just to find a Pinkberry. Well seeing as the nearest Pinkberry is like 170 miles away...I figured that was a thing of the past..but one fateful day this weekend...on my way to Chipotle (lmao..ask me how that bet is working out for me..SATURDAY IS MY CHEAT DAY OK? I can have a barbacoa burrito with rice and black beans if i want to!!)... I discovered Yogiberry...not Pinkberry but it'll do...they charge like $.45/ounce and they have all this wacky flavors..i swear they have cocoyam flavored yogurt..blech! but the original..with some mango and strawberry pieces is Amazing!!! especially with this crazy heat we're having!

6. Is anyone else.. 1)apathetic bordering on mad about Lindsay Lohan? Like seriously, I had high hopes for that girl's career..hope she can get it together. 2)Enraged and disgusted by Mel Gibson? I mean the tape i listened to was definitely a set up and if that's him on the other line..he fell for it hook line and sinker 3) Secretly in love with the Allstate abi statefarm insurance guy in those commercials? I dunno why...he's just such a goofball 4) Intrigued by the old spice dude? I love him... I know he's scripted but he does such a good job of delivering his lines..makes me want to switch my bodywash to old spice :)

"look at me...now look at you man...now back at me..." Hehehehe!! funnee

7. One of my FB friends who i FB stalked for a while..who is a pretty good poet..apparently just got a degree and is wanting everyone to know because his status always starts with "Dr. So and so wants you to know that 33% of the world's population doesn't drink enough water". I'm like "Shuo...cuz of degree you now want us to accept what we could easily find on google as fact because you say so?"...maybe I'm just hating on the dude....but I'm definitely guilty of defriending ppl based on their status posts....hehehehe...evil!!

What y'all folk been up to these days?
Please lemme know your tips..i'm serious all you skinny bitches (i mean that as a term of endearment). I currently work out 4 to 5 days a week for at least 1hr and i eat pretty healthy...so...um...i want magical stuff..cant afford surgery just yet tho.

ooooh ooohhh...and...if you guys have done anything crazy/fun/different...definitely inform a sister make she too follow una try.

DMV bloggers that would like to do the Tone,Taste and Tan kini...we could make it a date...:)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The truth..nothing but...

Nobody tagged me...but i'm a thief like that so..there!!! I really was gonna random about just random stuff...but this'll do.

Right now I'm feeling....mellow...a lil apprehensive...a lot blessed...a lil in denial

When I'm alone I feel....introspective, like i can solve the world's problems in my mind.

When I'm surrounded by people I feel.....depends...if they're ppl i know and like,i feel comfortable..if they're ppl i dont know, i feel shy and introverted. If they're around ppl i dont like...i leave!

One thing I hate is....inconsideration (is that a word?)...just ppl with their head in the clouds or their asses..like "wtf..you are not on this planet alone...don't be a jerk!"

One thing I really like about myself is .....my ability to logically think through a problem and sometimes come up with a solution..

When I'm feeling sad I......listen to sad music, cry, pray, write in my journal, read my bible

When I daydream it's usually about.......life after grad school,sleep,sexy time

I'm afraid of.....losing loved ones, dying, failure.

I'm happiest when......i've ..checked off everything on my to-do list, just finished working out, made good decisions that day.

One thing that really worries me is .... that things might not work out the way i want them to in any/all aspects of my life.

If I could change one thing about myself it would be.....my temper.

If I could be with anyone right now I would be with.....my nephew!!! gosh i miss my goobie!

The family member I am closest to is........honestly no one person more than the other but i'd say my mom and 2 older sisters.

If I was really honest with my father I would tell him....that I love him for his sacrifices and his silent way of showing he loves us but i would like to hear it more.

One thing I regret about my life is ......NOT being informed/upfront/honest...

If I only had one more day to live I would......get right with the Lord, hang out with fam and write personalized letters to all the people I love...pretty good for me.

If I was really honest with my mother i would tell her.....that i love her and her prayers definitely work and i appreciate her more and more everyday..

One thing about me that nobody knows is......when i'm alone, i put on my highest heels and shake my booty in front of the mirror.

I hope that someday in the future.....I can actually do something to help someone other than myself.

When I think about my family I feel.....happy...those ppl crack me up (nuclear)..pissed off (extended)

Something I'm really embarrassed about is....oooh oooh i remember...so when i first met one of my oldest friends..she was singing a song, i forget..and she said the wrong words..so i took the time to listen to the song, learn the words and then i confronted her about singing it all wrong...lol..i was a weirdo.

One thing about me I never want to change is.....my wanting to solve ppls problems.

One thing I feel really proud of is.....being able to leave all that was familiar to me and strike out on my own...and then do it again once i got comfortable.

Blogsville has helped me to.....accept that i might actually have something to say..and sometimes ppl might actually want to read it.

One thing I like about blogsville is......that there are some funny-ass, cool-ass, nonjudgemental-ass ppl on here.

Phew...i tag whoever wants to do it....

Monday, June 21, 2010

...running through my head..all the things she said

So...I don't think i celebrated my 100th post..but this one is my 200th!! Yay!!...

I think I'll make it a random blog..

One of the perks of living in The Wire country...I definitely see firsthand what an ankle monitoring bracelet looks like..*like I've ever wondered*...na wa oh..see this dude just jejely stepping out of the train with his summer shorts on and his lil bracelet like it was nothing...not even trying to lindsaylohan it. I just stared...

One of the downsides of living in The Wire country...weirdo central..why do all the weirdos/shady looking ppl/crazies/sleazy ass men/disgustos/pervs gravitate towards me?
If it's not some dude in a wheelchair offering to give me ride if i sit in his lap, it's a schizophrenic "pastor" offering to take me to his church for "counseling". The new thing is all the cab drivers who all happen to be igbo..and now apparently all know my name and still...STILL feel the need to do that hissing calling thing..i'm over it!

Dear Baltimore...a pick up line that starts with you telling me either that you are currently on the run from your home state of North Carolina because your soon to be ex-wife filed an assault claim against you that led to a warrant...OR that starts with you telling me about your two kids and their mommas...WILL never..EVER..end with me giving you my number!!

I decided..finally to start back on my healthy living regimen...for the 100th time..and the only reason i'm even talking about it is so that hopefully it will keep me honest to verbalize it. I'm competing with my mom and my sister to see who will win. Naturally, I will..obviously but let's not tell them that.:)There are no losers..only winners..and technically even the winners would be losers..hehe dry joke! So far it's been good..I definitely see a difference!

One of my favorite hobbies is...facebook stalking *hangs head in shame* I know i know...but seriously..i was looking through someone's facebook pictures and it turns out she has friends in common with a friend of mine...said friend being someone who i've had an "interesting" past with..so in my head i cringed slightly..then i decided that I'm of too little importance to think that they might possibly talk about me.

Ppl who know me know that I don't shy away from confrontation..when i have to but I'd just rather avoid it. What i do hate is when you meet people who supposedly have beef with you and they pretend there's nothing wrong..I'd rather you ignore me..or kick my ass than kiss me..that's just me.

Life is interesting...not MY life..mine is as boring and routine as it comes..but I LOVE IT. I'd rather live vicariously through those around me. I don't think I'd ever look back and be like.."men, i wished i partied more, drank more, filled my life with more drama..etc"

The one thing i do wish I'd have done more of by now is travel more..definitely. I'd love to do the Europe thing, the Africa thing, the South America thing, the Asia thing...meh..all in good time.

Even though i know everyone's journey is different, it's not easy not to compare my life to other ppls...like.."if i'd chosen a different path..I'd be done with school by now" or "if i had gone straight to grad school rather than taking that time to work..i'd be done with school forever by now..or close"..etc..but that's life abi?.. moments not milestones and alladat.

It's interesting the way people think/conclusions they draw by looking at you...ex:
I have a batman lunchbox..(SUE ME I LOVE BATMAN!)..so I must have a son..even if i had a kid..why can't she be a girl and why cant she love batman?

I work at "my school"...so I must be a nurse..Why can't i be a doctor?

I'm black..so I must be a new employee at the animal facilities..why can't i just be a student coming to harvest some mice?

I recently wrote an angry letter to my cousins in naija...well i don't think it was angry..i think it was brutally honest..but they didn't seem to find it funny...hellificare!! As long as you get the message.

You know what population i'm currently hating on? Skinny chicks with big boobs..like WTF? How is that fair? I confess that I was totally hating on my friend who stayed with me recently with her nice boobs and nice booty with nice long legs to (great now she'll think i'm gay) and she's freaking smart too and pretty and light skinned and a good dancer! Ugh!! I hate her...like a lot!! :)..normally..you dont have it all..you either have (1) nice boobs and no booty ..(2) booty and just ok boobs or (3)nice legs and no booty or boobs or (4)you can just be petite with no boobs and no booty.... I know for sure my boobs are nothing I'm just going to settle for being healthy HOW ABOUT THAT? just healthy!! hmmpfff!!

What say ye folks? Do you feel me on the skinny chics with big boobs or am i just once again subscribing to what society deems to be beautiful?

That's all she wrote folks!
Enjoy the rest of your week...

Friday, June 11, 2010

I don't want us to be the end of me....


I know it's not just me...cuz Mgbeks don addressed it already..but everybody seems to be getting hitched and wanting you (read: me) to know about it. And I'm completely happy for each and everyone of them...shoutout to Melanie and Keith getting married tomorrow!!

I, Kate suffer from bouts of "when-will-it-be-my-turnitis".
I'll be the first one to admit that there are a list of logical reasons why I'm probably not ready to get married...ranging from financial to educational but dang...can we put a ring on it? My finger and my eggs are shriveling as we speak :)....CALM DOWN...i'm just being dramatic for effect.

I kinda feel like this post will jinx me but I don't believe in jinxes *maybe a little*.
But if i were to be completely open and honest with myself sometimes (not all the time)...I feel that I'm not emotionally ready to get married cuz..

- I have this image of myself in my head of who I'm meant to be abi who I want to be and I don't think I'm there yet. I'm working on it and I know I've changed. Recently, one of my friends was like "Mehn Kate you've changed...I used to pray for you because I thought you'd never change and you'd be alone" *I tried to take it as a compliment*

- From my teenage years through my early 20s..I was a pretty angry, easily disillusioned chic terribly afraid of failure to the point where i figured if i never tried..then i couldn't fail. And since the last thing I'd ever want to fail at was a marriage...why try at all?

- I'm still afraid of failure..but I believe that life is about choices...I choose to love, I choose to be in love and I choose to be present in a relationship and I choose to try my hardest to make it work...and everything I can't control...I put in God's hands and TRY not to worry about it.

- The thing is...where do you draw the line with regards to compromising who you are and what you want out of life just to "make it work"?. I've been accused of being "too nice" and bottling up things just to keep the peace..but I usually can't do it for long and when I reach tipping point...it's all bad and I feel like I'm back at square one...again

- I know Love is patient, kind, does not keep record of wrongdoing...etc.
But as an evolving being, I know that I personally sometimes (unknowingly) expect my other to fill a void in my life that they cannot and are not meant to. And when they don't I get impatient and unkind and begin keeping record of wrongdoings..

Because of all these things, I sometimes feel like I'm still a work in progress and as such..not particularly ready to get married...one of my friends believes however that you're not necessarily supposed to be "perfect" before you make that commitment...and you should be able and willing to work through individual issues together in the relationship....I can dig that logic but I also feel like marriage and all that will bring on its own share of issues so why not go into it as issueless as possible. I'm definitely an advocate of premarital counseling..

I'm a slacker I know it...I should be done with my list especially since I'm done with classes so i really have nothing to study for but ...lol..i admit i actually forgot that I had a blog for a while there...

shey y'all are ok out there in Bloogville?


does anyone else get really upset when commercials get abruptly interrupted by another random one? I'm like WTH...now I want to know what exactly you were trying to sell me!!!

does anyone watch Stargate Universe:SGU?.OMG Season Finale!!!sooo good!.ok...I'm a weirdo! I get it...

Monday, May 3, 2010

You've got all that I need...

..Looking @ all or nothing
Hi peoples,

The purpose of this post is to try and be as honest as possibly without feeling overly exposed and maybe present my take on some of what I consider to be my life's "puzzling" questions at my age and how I used to rationalize the answers and what I do now without sounding too preachy.

One thing that I don't want to get lost in the possibly LONG post is something that I think strengthens me everyday...:
So you know how things always seem to be much worse at night, but the next day it seems better..even a little bit? Well I've decided that one of the reasons is because of the sun. Even on the cloudiest days you can tell day from night (except maybe in Kuwait). The sun just makes everything seem better. And as a Christian who believes that God created the sun..I am strengthened by the fact that this same God whose glory gives the sun it's light, and heat that we can feel from miles and miles away loves ME..always, regardless, more than anyone in the world ever can. And this God is for ME and has my back PERMANENTLY. Just the thought gives me a "who born dem?" attitude and makes it easier for me to get up and try again that day. And on days when this doesn't work, Psalm 139 is pretty good too.

Now...where to start.
I grew up in a fairly religious home. My mom tried several times to introduce daily devotions at 6am every morning and was pretty consistent about it for a long time. Sunday school on Sundays..the whole nine. And I loved church. We also had a ton of "Holy Ghost fire" aunts and uncles pass through our home during childhood. So I had the background. I think I definitely took/take that for granted.."yes i know i should pray".."yes I know God is good".."yes i know if you sin and don't repent you are doomed to hellfire"etc. For a couple of years growing up..i think i was like 7 or 8, I used to be so fearful at night that I would die in my sleep or the world would end and I would go to hellfire"

And then you become an adult, and you leave that safety net and you're on your own and the world is there all inviting and exciting. I didn't consider myself to have ever been overly "worldly" but as there is no gray area and sin is sin...I was.

I went through this period where I just completely avoided the thought/concept of having a relationship with God because I felt that it would be out of duty..as per that's how you were raised so that's what you should do and if you don't..next exit "hellfire".

I think truthfully..It clicked for me in 2007. Before then, yes I loved God and I loved going to church and the fellowship and worship. But even then I found myself only praying consistently when I really wanted God to do something for me.

I DIGRESS: I remember once we were having some event and it started to rain..a friend's sister suggested that we pray. So i prayed..simple " Dear Lord, we would like for the rain to stop so our event will be dry and successful.In Jesus Name. Amen". She proceeded to scold me for not praying with conviction and then went on to "pray/bind and caste the devilish rain and command that it cease!" *side eye*

Anyway...what happened in 2007? IT CLICKED..i don't know how else to say it but i just finally got it. I'm not compelled to develop a relationship with God out of duty anymore..but because I love Him. I think at that point, I'd moved far far away from everything and everyone I knew and I was pretty much alone..alone with my thoughts..alone with my fears..just solo.

But I wasn't...have never been, I've always felt God's presence in my life guiding me and strengthening me. I wanted to develop my own special relationship with God that had nothing to do with the hangups from my past so I work at it. And I fail at it..and it hasn't been smooth sailing...and I'm not perfect..but I get up every morning and the darkness has been taken over by the light and I try that day to love and trust God the best I can, I try to learn about and do what makes Him happy and try not to beat myself up too much when I fall short. And I take the lessons from that day and try and move on and apply it to the next day.

This post take style long o..so I think I'm definitely going to have to split it up but these are my life questions:
My life questions..
1. What is my purpose in life?
2. Why is it so hard for me to be a good Christian?
3. What if all I've done in my life stems from one first,big mistake?
4. Where/When/How will my "tests" in life happen and can I handle them?
5. How will I know when I find the person that God has selected to be my life partner?

..song I love... I especially like 4:23 to the end..
Casting crowns.."Who am I"

Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Things I Love

lol @MPB...
*embarrassed wave to blogworld*...hi guys!! It's been ages...i've been aging like fine wine..or maybe cheese....

..speaking of cheese, have you guys seen that commercial..i think it's cheez-it..where the cheese is not yet "matured" so they keep it until it is... heeehehee..cute stuvvs

OK..on to the from MPB's blog

1. Ok I know he's not a thing..but I love my lil' nephew Ollykokoko aka Goobie aka Cookie. He's the best. Like just thinking about him fills my heart with joy and makes me smile. ***no taynement i am not obsessed and I will not go born my own..leave me**

2. Chocolate..in all forms..except with caramel...chocolate cake (best i've had so far is from cheese cake factory..with whipped cream and nuts on the side microwaved for 23 seconds). Chocolate candy bars..anything from just a regular Hershey's candy bar to ferrero rocher..roche? Hot chocolate (best i've had is from daily grind...with whipped cream :

3. Entertainment...TV, music, movies...i don't think they need an explanation. The ability to escape into something..anything for a little while...

4. My phone...gosh i promise I didnt copy MPB...i just got a new phone too with the Android OS... I LOVE THIS THING!!!...awesomeness..in my own words.. "F an iphone" and "BB is soooo lame" *rolls eyes* can't believe i considered getting anything else.

5. Books...good books that keep me entertained...books that i hope i get to start reading again soon...

6. Shopping...everything i get paid my first instinct is oooh i can buy stuff..lmao..if that is not a recipe for perpetual brokeness i dont know what is.

7. Smoothies..fruit smoothies that are more fruit than ice and do not taste artificially sweetened. Damn..i wish i could recommend some but no smoothie i've loved has come from a chain.

8. Bananas...fruits in general..but i could eat like 12 bananas a day. I buy bananas but i have to wait a day or two to eat them when they are at the peak..softly firm and ripe...plantain might count too..

9. Meat...beef, sometimes chicken or fish..but BEEF my goodness...not even steak...just nice pieces of beef. sometimes..i buy some meat from the store and cook it in my slow cooker for like 8 hours... mmmm yummy.

10. Aight..i'll be cliche and say that I love God even though ..God is not a thing. I love God because even at my worst...He loves me and loved me enough to bless me with amazing friends and family members.

That's about it folks... I was trynna blog earlier this week and encountered some technical difficulties...
Hope everyone is doing greats...kisses!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's about to be a....

Dear Texas,
Is it safe? I feel like the birthrate and engagement rate up in that hood dikwa very very exponential oh. I can't stalk around without seeing new mommies and fiances popping up. Don't get me wrong..i love love..love is a beautiful thing and I LOVE kids!!! Am just observing. Do these people know something the rest of us don't? Or maybe it's just that age aye?

Dear Girl-who-caught-herself-trying-to-mess-with-me..aka roommate from hell,
*laughs quietly to self while shaking her head*...I mean see me see trouble o! You spilled coffee on the carpet..ok...accidents happen. Didn't clean it for weeks...ok. Your mom is supposed to have KABOOM at home straight from AsSeenOnTv. Great. Your ass went home and forgot to bring it...that's cool too.
Me: "maybe you should try regular detergent, it works fine too"
Dumbass: "yeah..my mom will just get the cleaner..what is the big deal"
Me: the big deal is it's been there 3 weeks and you did not bring the cleaner like you said and i have to look at it
Dumbass: Well that's too bad i'm not cleaning it before the exam *slams door*
Me: *sees red*

Heeeeeeeeee My GOODNESS! a whole me? seriously...seriously? This chick...I dont even know how i held my tongue. And the bad thing...bad for her..is i dont even LIKE the chick!! This chick doesn't know that I'm up on my bad girls club ish and i will readily melt butter into her egg whites/olive oil into her fat free dressing/sugar in her oatmeal/lock her bathroom and room from the inside/turn of all the electricity in her portion of the house/change the wi-fi password/put beef stock in her food (she's indian).
She should try me again!

I know i should be on some WWJD stuff but mehn..something has to be done.

Dear Michelle Tratchenberg,
LMAO!! this was actually good!! made my day. No more buffy's lil sister huh!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's really good?

Hello everyone out there in blogworld
I've been meaning to blog but ya know.. life get's in the way.

Heyyy Nicey.. :)

Um...so, i dunno about y'all but i'm truly a facebook stalker. Case in point..i discovered this new couple on facebook. Both individually cute but soooo cute together. Never met these people ever in my life but i'm all of a sudden intrigued by them. As in...I got mad when some random chick misyarned on her comments on a picture of them together. No idea why i'm being overprotective about a couple i've never met but I just hope things work out for them..smh issues huh.

I realized today during my exam that I have to be the most slackerific grad student.Ever. If the exam was on something like where Rihanna was recently (Australia) or where Beyonce currently is (Peru)...surely i'd have aced it..but ask me something relating to my education like the difference between an ion channel and a uniporter and you'll get a big...HUH? This after we got one extra week to study. God help me!
Speaking of Rihanna...am i the only one feeling her "Rude Boy" video and song? I kinda like it..i think the video makes me like the song better but whatever. I like it.

I'm in the mood for a road trip or at least a really fun night out... First weekend coming up where i have no exams looming..hmmmm...what to do..what to do.

So for the first time in a long time, i'm actually following up..as much as i can on our dear president Goodluck Johnathan and his presidential doings...i hope he can bring about some form of change and not get sidetracked by power and corruption. Amen!

I missed 24 AND Lost? Something is wrong with me today.

Speaking of music videos..um Jason Derulo's "whatcha say" is like on constant replay on my Ipod..i just love his voice!! and apparently there's a video...is it me or does he look like Karamo ( the roommate from Real world)? Video does not match the music video i have in my head but whatevs!

I said it before and i'll say it again...what in the water has got ppl getting married and engaged left and right? 2010 finna be another 2007!! Maybe it happens in 3 year increments? Hmm i should research this.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just when i thought i said all i could say..

Sooooooooooooooo...... I'm feeling like I haven't confessed in a minute

I confess that I am thankful for the snow cuz I sho wasn't ready to take that exam tomorrow.
Kate 1 Grad School 0!! yippee!

I confess that friday was worst day I've had in a long time

I confess that I sincerely hope that this phase in my life will just pack its load and go somewhere.

I confess that while i think i know that I ain't in the marriage phase yet...the fact that some of my classmates are married now ( yeah i know 13 weddings in 08...but they were older) makes me think that maybe i should be.

I confess that I draw inspiration from celebrities..I mean sure I think i would switch places in a heartbeat but some of those people work hard for their money men. All that focus and dedication...so inspiring!

I confess that I suddenly lost the urge to finish confessing!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

..don't it make you wanna scream!!

So...right or wrong..I am adamant about not complaining or making excuses about things that happen in my life.
Dunno why, I usually just always try to deal because excuses are like armpits and I can usually rationalize my thinking to the point where it's like..."well if you did what you were supposed to do, or made the right decision or whatever..you wouldn't be in the position you're in"

I'm at a place in my space where I feel like slightly utterly confused about a lot of things. And I can't blame it on hormones for once...or steroids.

And I'm like seriously...shouldn't all this uncertainty have gone away with my early twenties?...argh!

I think it's gotten to the point when I can't even be completely honest with myself about how i really feel sometimes.

Or I don't allow myself to acknowledge how I feel because logically, I shouldn't feel how I feel...hmmpfh.

One of my friend's status on fb was "if God seems far away...who moved?" and I understand that. I feel closest to God when I wake up in the morning because I wake up to 15 minutes of Robert Cook and his soothing voice talking about God and stuff...that man was truly amazing. And then I have my little devotional. But then over the course of the day...just simply interacting with people I just get so caught up in the daily bs and I lose sight of how i'm supposed to be living and can't see beyond what annoys me.

I'm pretty frustrated because I have a lot on my mind and I need to study but I can't because my mind is just a jumbled up place.

I'm upset but I can't fully vent...this is why blogs go private

So many decisions that apparently have to be made like now!

Gimme a break!

sometimes i consider being a shut-in. Just leaving the world and all it's problems out there. But that's not socially acceptable.

And I feel like it's nearing the end of it all..and that sucks.

Here comes the guilt...the you and yours are healthy and blessed beyond measure and you should be content so stop whining! and Get to work guilt!

I miss being 16 and being allowed to be mad at the world.

And I feel like noone understands

No change I can't change I can't change I can't change...but i'm here in my mold...i am here in my mold..but i'm a million different people from one day to the next..


But that's not constructive and that doesn't solve anything so i can't :(

But Robert Cook says.."if you've struck a rough day look up and say 'Lord Jesus..see me through this'"...so LORD JESUS SEE ME THROUGH THIS!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm sorry

I know it's a new year and all that good stuff and maybe i should not start the new year with um..how you say.."angry thoughts?". But I'm just feeling kinda um..upset. Just a little bit...and maybe a little homicidal as well.

I love being Nigerian..that's part of my foundation and part of what makes me who I am. And maybe I'm a hypocrite/all mouth and stuff when it comes to actually making any grand patriotic gestures. And quite frankly I haven't really been keeping up with the whole terrorist thing..partially because I don't really feel like I have extra time to be sifting through all the information out there to figure out what is true and what isn't...not until today.

But the real reason is because I am truly just so frustrated about everything "Nigerian" possibly everything "human" but the things that actually pissed me off are totally unrelated and related to Nigerians so there you have it.

First, the terrorist kini/ Nigeria being put on the watch list. No I don't think it's fair but quite frankly what can we do about it? When Michael Moore put Nigerians in his movie and named their cockroach alien eating leader Obesandjo or whatever and we were all up in arms..do you think Michael Moore's lard ass lost 1 ounce of fat worrying about what Nigeria thought?
What effect does the Nigerian senate think an ultimatum will have on the United States? Yes putting Nigeria on the watch list is unfair, but shouldn't our next move be trying to work with the United States strengthen our relationship by resolving to ensure that our security screenings are stricter? What is being defensive going to do for us?

Second, where in the hell is our "president"? Seriously...SERIOUSLY!!! I mean, ok fine you are ill or whatever, shouldn't the vice president be the next in command. Just goes to prove that the president is really just a figure head. I've said it a million times...all those people, president, vice president, government officials,senators, and most governors should be put on a ship (the SS Homicide) with one day's worth of food and sent off on the ocean. When they are too far off to swim back..drop a missile..let them all just go to the bottom of the ocean because they are just useless, worthless things.

I know that things are changing..I know that I'm not in a position to even talk but it's so frustrating. And yes maybe the younger generation can do something but by the time you cut through all the nepotism and corruption and bullshit..even if you get to the point where you can make any real changes unjaded and uninfluenced, there will always be people trying to stop you from doing what is right.

Third, some Nigerians enh..sometimes we are our own worst enemies. This year..this new born year..I've just witnessed a lot of venomous actions/reactions that make me scratch my head. Some nigerians just cannot keep their damn opinions to themselves. I was reading linda ikeji's blog and she posted pictures of herself in a black dress and some sandals..anonymous ppl who are definitely Nigerian because of how they write, just leave this horrible comments. Look anonymous fools..if you have the guts to say what is on your mind..hateful and retarded as it is..have the balls to put ya name on it na. Why do you have to comment at all? Just read and be disgusted privately to yourself. Why comment? Who cares about what you think.

Let's not even talk about hateful people on discussion boards that will remain nameless because it just doesn't even deserve any attention so let's not give it. How do you expect other people to treat you if you cannot treat your own fellow man with some level of respect? I've never felt so ashamed as when i read someone's comment to the effect of "and these are supposed to be the future mothers of our children". I felt that..I felt ashamed because at the very least I'm guilty by association.

My fellow Nigerians, I'm just venting and there is no moral of the story. The blame falls squarely my shoulders for allowing things to degenerate to this level. So hunker down folks. Make sure you get to the airport extra early. Pack light, dress warm, and be patient because it's going to be a long, long nightmarish flight from here on out. No you cannot bring egusi,garri or any other foreign looking foods because it will most likely not make it through. Yes you have to buy your ogbono from the African store and it may taste like soap.

I feel torn between what I should be doing and what I want to do. And because it's more practical and realistic to continue what I should be doing..what I want to do will probably never get done.

I'm also sorry that my only solution involves homicide.

Sighs... I think in this blog I've gone through a range of emotions..anger mostly, then sadness, then hopelessness and now...back to HOPE!!!!

Because where there is life there is HOPE and if I can't do any grand sweeping gestures to bring about rapid and positive change globally, I can try to be the best ME i can be..the best Christian, daughter,granddaughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, aunt, student,driver,roommate,niece,blogger that i can be. Shikena!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Taking Stock 2010 -1

Happy New Year people. I wish for everyone...good health, lots of happiness, lots of inspiration and lots of success..Ami Ami!!!!!

Yes people..i am late. but I also kinda feel like i'm not yet mentally in 2010. Yes I will copy copy and follow follow!! I'mma try and do this stolen post justice by being as honest and open as i can..:)

I definitely waxed and waned on this one. It's like Paul said in Romans..." I want to do good, but I find that I end up doing the evil that i don't want to do instead of the good that i want to do"...or something along those lines. I had some good months where i steadfast about everything...although I confess that I didn't go to church as much as I would have liked to and would like to change that this year.All in all sha..God remains faithful and I'm trying to take things one day at a time. My prayer everyday is for God to give me enough strength to go through just that one day as the best person I can be..
My goal for 2010 is to 1. Actually read the bible cover to cover 2. Go to church more 3. Continue to grow as a christian

I loves my fam. Immediate and extended. I say often that our relationship grew better as we all finished school and spread across the country. Lol..but I wouldn't trade any of them crazy girls for anyone else. All 4 of em. :D I would do anything for them girls. My parents and I have a pretty good relationship i think. Definitely a growing relationship but I have come to accept them as human and realize that they too can make mistakes. With the arrival of my first nephew I realized that my sister is a great mommy and my parents are great grans and I'm trying to be the best darn aunt i can be. My goal for 2010 is to keep in touch better with my extended family wherever they are. I think I'm the only one on the planet that doesn't have peezy.


See that word friendship got some feelings hurt in the '09. I think it's really hard for me to make new friends mainly because i am shy and introverted :D *blush*. Unless I'm forced to..i probably wouldn't put myself out there to make new friends. I'm glad to say that in the '09..i made some new friends..and didn't lose any friends and I got out of making some bad friend decisions thankfully. My goal in '010 once again is to keep in touch better with my friends which shouldn't be hard to do..i don't have that many.


I admit that i'm not really conscious about my finances..i work/go to school..get money..pay my bills...save some..and use the rest to live. As long as I am saving money every month, I usually don't pay too much attention. My goal was to go back to school with minimum debt so other than my student loans and my car note I don't have any major gbese. My goal for 2010 is to save more!

I decided to go back to school in '09 for a host of reasons. My main concern was not wanting any extra loans..and getting into a school that would justify me leaving my awesome job. But with the economic crisis ..turns out even my job wasn't that stable anymore. As God would have it...I ended up getting into some of the top schools in the world for my program..and they're paying for it! *does a jig* I also got to move to a new state...which is always nice. My goal for 2010 is to finish my 1st year of grad school intact and pass my oral exams in Jesus name!!

I think that my relationship had a good year. Definitely the most comfortable I've been in a relationship. Also the longest I've been in a relationship. Once we decided to just dig in our heels and resolved to make things work..and once I learned to let go of some things..I think I got a lot happier. I'm excited for what 2010 has to bring and my goal is to just keep working at it.


Ahem...Ok so i pride myself is having this amazing immune system. But towards the end of the year..i had some supposed stress related issues that are working themselves out. The funny thing is that i don't even think i'm that stressed out anymore. But God dey. Before I stopped working..i made sure to get all my medical stuff taken care of. As far as physical health..ahem..ok..i honestly actually like working out..I also just like eating :D. I've just never really put the eating well/working out plan together and been consistent at it. My goal for 2010 is to get some washboard ab situation going :D


I don't think i'm addicted to anything per se. I think the internet is the ultimate time waster and i need to limit my exposure to it. My number one bad habit is procrastination. I have tried making to do lists and that helps me because I get pretty disappointed when i don't accomplish all the tasks on my list. And consistency..being consistent with stuff..
Social life ke? I have no life..my life during the week consists of school, lab and studying..during the weekends if I'm lucky not to have much to study for, I'm trying to recuperate for the week. I'm not really into partying much..plus as soon as it got cold everything went by the wayside.
My goal for 2010 is to limit my access to facebook. Only go on the internet when I need to and when I'm done studying and to explore more.

There you have it.
Hope everyone had a wonderful new year's eve. I'm thankful for every single one of ya and y'alls comments and such and like i said before..I which you all a wonderful year with all God's blessing and trimmings!!