Saturday, July 25, 2009

Up..Up..and Awake!

Urrgghh! don't you just hate when you take long naps during the day and end up waking up at like 9pm and not being able to go back to sleep? Suckity sucks sucks! Thank God it's saturday sha..cuz this wouldn't fly tomorrow o!
So..what does one do when they can't go to sleep? Why blog of course... what to blog about..hmmmnn..*obviously my lazy ass didn't finish this blog till just now..God please help me and my procrastinating ways!7/27*
On the NaS and Kelis know..i find it hard to feel sorry for NaS. I mean it's not like Kelis is some gold digging moocher..she actually had a career. But she's never come off as the most stable person ever. Everything could've probably been settled all nicely out of court..maybe he wouldn't have had to end up paying this crazy $55k or whatever..but nooooo!! ppl be doing stronghead..oya now..go pay! You sef you didnt know who you married. Shebi you are God's son..hope you still talk to Him because're gon need some help with that buddy! *don't know the full story/ details*
So now dudes are getting all upset and crying foul and unfair...DING!DING!DING! fools! since when has the justice system ever been fair talk less of life? :hahaha: PAY SUCKER PAY!!!

On Ryan Gosling..has anyone else noticed how swaggerliciously sexy his walk is? That boy is just all kinds of every single movie!..Yum-o! Rachel McAdams is a hottie too! I covet her body. YES i'm watching The Notebook for the 6th's on tv. It's not one of those movies i can watch over and over again..i just watch it cuz the sex scene was hot. :blush:..don't side eye me!! Old age sha...James Garner used to be a hottie back in the day...not as hot as my Paul Newman tho..but aight none the less.

On my buddy just got engaged. Young boy like this! I'm happy for them. So you know how when ppl get engaged you ask them "How did you know she was the one?"..but as per my dude..I've seen and heard all about his conquests and although I've never met her...there's obviously something about her that got him. Is he a different person or has he changed? Nah..i dont think so. I don't think he's settling down because of age or whatever..I think he finally realizes that he's found his better half..abi soulmate so why wait? cute stuff huh?

On Black in America Deux..i totally didnt watch it! *hangs head in shame* but i'm sure i'll catch it sooner or later. But i read (read: skimmed) article by Africangal on CNN reporters at large..I think. Where she talked about her experiences and how she feels more comfortable around Africans than African Americans. Ya know..i understood where she was coming from. For the longest time (read: till like last year)I really didn't associate much with African Americans mainly because I had really bad experiences with classmates in high school. And I can't honestly say that if i wasn't thrown into a situation where the only ppl my age in my hood were african american..I still wouldn't have any african american's funny because one day we were having a conversation..about something and i was adamant about not being called african american. My roommate was like
AA#1 : You're african american..our ancestors are from the same place
Me: Um..probably ancestors never made it onto the boat
AA#1 and AA#2: give each other a look..
WHAT? it's true..obviously my ancestors never made it onto the boat.

It's just really interesting how different my two african american friends are sha..
AA#1 has natural hair, plans to get locks once she's established in her all about black ppl..all their names in their family are apparently afrocentric..only dates black people..went to Spelman..refused to go see Jesus Christ Superstar with me because the guy portraying Judas was black..EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THE ORIGINAL guy that played JESUS that was playing JESUS AGAIN!! GOSH..i still dont get that.

AA#2 gets her biweekly blowouts and about ppl in general..has the whitest name ever..dates whoever..also went to a HBCU but she did that because she'd gone to all white schools all her life.

But I digress.... the point i was trying to make was "once bitten twice shy"..if i hadn't been put in this situation, I'd have probably never been close friends with any african americans based on my experiences in high school. But I'm glad I was because their friendships have been invaluable.

On my baby turning 1..I can't believe boojoogooboojoo! My lil nephew is turning one. He's so adorable and i'm upset that i don't get to spend enough time with him. I miss him all the time. I recycle because of him, I'm deeper into my research because of him..I would give my right arm, kidney, lungs, liver, heart..whatever for him. Happy Birthday Googoo!! This aunty right here loves you!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

F.I.V.E that spells baby :)

..shut up...that's how the song goes!!:)

5 things that I would like to do:
1. Take a vacay and do absolutely nothing..
2. Join a dance group..i be choreographing stuff in my head..but when i try it never looks the same..prolly cuz i also envision me as Ciara doing the dances in my head..hmmm that could be the problem
3. Be actively involved in a church..not just sunday sunday medicine
4. Write a book...actually wrote one with my best friend like 14 years ago..geez! i'm old..
5. Visit Europe

5 things that I look forward to:
1. Dessert :D: I'm a chocolate junkie!
2. Summer blockbuster movies
3. Going home after work to watch "Bones": this is a new development
4. Starting a new adventure in a new city!!
5. The next 4.0-infinity years :)

5 things that I’d grab if my apartment caught fire:
1. I guess my cellphone..NO IT'S NOT A BLACKBERRY!! hmmpfff..
2. My laptop
3. My Passport
4. My ipod
5. My purse

5 random things about me:
1. I hate getting in the shower after's all wet and stuff
2. I can usually memorize 85% of a song after hearing it once
3. I love the whole packing and unpacking process...
4. I'm the funniest person in my family..honest!! so much so that i usually have to copyright my jokes so that my sisters don't take credit for them when they are retelling them later on..they still usually do..monkeys!!
5. I love coming into work every morning...sometimes i dance in to work... :)

5 things that I’m wearing right now:
1. glasses
2. jeans
3. purple tank top
4. brown sweater
5. matching underwear (ha! take that taynement..elevate ya skivvies! )

Friday, July 17, 2009

Psycho-ness or Puppy love?

So..i've decided to type this whole story in pidgin because some ppl be doubting my skills... i also had two drinks soooo....woooohooooo i feel good! i get this intern..make we call am Blessing. Blessing na proper fine babe and her personality dey shine well well. So..for this summer, she con finish first semester for school early, con start 'in internship but she con be the only ghel wey dey work with plenty plenty intern bobos. So..una know say at this age (na 1st and 2nd year college most of the pikins bin dey finish) ..bobos them get hormones plenty. Con dey dey interested in this my intern because she tall well well, con slender like this..con get personality and i don talk before sey she be fine girl.

Everyday when we dey for so bobos dey con find am..girl go dey sit jejely dey do 'in work na so bobos dey enter for my lab as if na market i dey..dey con disturb the girl..dey siddon dey watch am type. This don they hapun sotey..e get this one boy..make we call am Jason.. Jason be proper shy guy..I mean, the bobo fine and 'in play football for high school but 'in claim sey he no too get friend for high school. That tori sef dey do me one kind because everybody sabi sey football jock for high school dem famous and dem get plenty plenty groupies..i sha leave that side.

So Blessing con take it upon herself con say..make i befriend this boy because 'in want befriend boy make 'in get friends wey be boy but no be in boyfriend boyfriend like that (naive sontin like this!). Na so before you go fit shout jack robinson..bobo con develop feelings for the girl..con invite her to dey hangout. Blessing dey do like pesin wey dey brighteyed and bushytailed..con dey talk say "we're just friends..we can hangout" . Na so bobo take am for dinner..con say..make we go back to my place go watch moofie. Blessing no know sey dis na ambush. Bobo con introduce Blessing to all 'in family.

Make we fast forward two weeks..Blessing go vacation come back. Jason con ask am sey make she comeover so that 'in go make am dinner. At this point..she too con dey think sey bobo no bad..and we con dey hail the guy small small for 'in eye. So Blessing go the bobo house. Bobo con cook am dinner..con light candle..con give am wine (i don't condone underage drinking). After dinner, they con siddon for living room..con dey cuddle..bobo con talk say " be correct babe..everytime i see you my heart dey do me *giddygo-giddygo* i like you well well fine, you smart, you get personality wey dey nice"... Blessing con give the guy kiss..

Na so katakata con burst...bobo wey dey enter my lab 3 times a day before now con dey enter 12 times con dey siddon dey do Blessing work. Meanwhile..Blessing come work tell us say she don 4cup because 'in make mistake when 'in kiss bobo. She talk say bobo dey smother am. So she text the bobo and 'in text talk say "I dey very sorry..I no mean give you wrong impression when i kiss situation..make we no do boyfriend and girlfriend again..make we just try to remain friends"

Bobo con vexxxxxxx...con send her 17 texts while she dey work..dey talk say
" no fit understand wetin i dey feel, I bin tink say you care about i care about you well well..but you con hurt my feelings..why you tink sey things no go work...abi you tink sey because you go leave after summer go school e no go fit work?"
"Baybe girl make you at least give am fit work..this ting wey we get dey very beautiful..i never feel this way about anoda girl before..wetin change between when we dey my house and i dey hold you as you dey look into my eyes and today? Why you dey do me like this?"
All this after one kiss and two dates in two weeks o!!
So the girl con respond con write"i dey very sorry..but i no want again..i just want make i focus on this internship we dey do then i go go back to be nice boy..but i no do again..i just want to be friends"

Bobo no dey come our lab anymore..for one whole week, then yesterday na in bobo con send am email con talk say make them talk face to face..

Na in I come fear..because if after only 2 weeks the bobo dey act like i think say this no be normal young boy thing..this na psycho stuvvs...if una talk say bobo don make shrine for this girl..con dey save strands of the girl hair dey use am chop 'in morning cereal me i go believe o!!
So we advice the girl say make she talk to the bobo..but make she talk to am in public. She con gree...

So today..they go talk for atrium..bobo con talk say in dey sorry for overreacting..that na because of the feelings wey he get for the girl na 'in cause am to behave like that. The girl con say.."it's alright..i dey sorry too..but maybe we suppose take some time before we go try to be friends sef"
the bobo con talk say 'in no like that but e go respect im wishes... but make 'in suggest that make them no just be friend..'in no want put label on the thing but 'in want for them to be more than friends.
Blessing con talk sey " i no dey do wishywashy only definite stuvvs..and i only wan do definite just friendship with you".....
na so we see am o my people..
Me i talk sey this boy dey just a little bit too psycho...others dey talk say na puppy love. Wetin una think?

:D How was my pidgin?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

See me see trouble o!

So in the summer of '05..i worked at a boy's and girls club summer camp with a bunch of bad ass kids.. I just found this correspondence with one of my students...

Young Boywrote:Mrs. Kate i know you are 22 years old but you are very pretty and i know i am very young but age is not nothing but a number
Me: Mrs. would imply that i was married, which i'm not. Thanks for the compliment :) age aint nothing but a number but 16 is a really small number
Young Boywrote: so what you trying to say that i am very young i know that so how many times you going to throw that in my face. Ps.Where (s'posed to be we're) on the internet so i cant get in trouble for what i say on here so tell me what is on your mind.
Me: nothing is on my and yeah u can't get in trouble period....i can

see me see trouble..boy trynna make me look like a pedophile and ish!! I only got his email address because I offered to help them with any homework problems they might have... :o.

Anyhoo..just a random flashback
what's hood ppl?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Open Letter

Dear VH1,
How’s tricks? Good..good. Say..did humanity as a whole do something to offend you in your past life? Don’t get me wrong, I mean at was all fun and games..Flavor of Love was comical…as was Celebrity Fit Club. I admit that I also watched the Surreal Life and My Fair Brady. BUT..VH1…you’ve gone too far. TOO FAR SHEY YOU’VE HEARD? In less than 10 have managed to generate so many craptacular shows that have skyrocketed people to stardom who have no business being anywhere near a camera and people who left to their own devices would probably be in charge of the fry station at What-A-Burger (don’t get me wrong..ain’t nothing wrong with honest work). When pray all this foolishness going to stop? I’ll even give you For the Love of RayJ because Danger smashing the homies was funny but you should be shot for all the I Love Money well as letting this fool! (below) ever get less of 4 shows. Who pitches this stuff? Who accepts it? All involved parties need to be shot!
Rock of Love 1 &2? Daisy of Love? Charm School 1 &2? Brooke Knows Best? Breaking Bonaduce? (ok..that was a pretty sad show sha)…Miss Rap Supreme..with Kaia (seriously wth was that about?..and the one eyed chick?!)..Gotti’s way? I Want to Work for Diddy? Scott Baio is 45 and single..and 46 and pregnant? OMG Real Chance of Love?

Seriously..somebody needs to talk to you guys about this nonsense..this ish has to stop. And you have the guts to claim you are trying to Save the Music? Meanwhile I have to suffer through the same 3 recycled music videos every freaking morning. Y’all ain’t trynna save no damn’re busy auditioning those kids for your next generation of 15 minute entertainment cash cows and to fill up your future shows. Your new craziness is Megan wants a millionare..and you have now inspired BET to just sign up every baby mama and reformed crackhead off the street for their own shows.. I mean heck..I could get my own freaking show!! Me & the Carnies taking up residence in the open field next to my would be a hit!!! :o.

VH1...please..sometime in the near gotta stop. Let scripted reality finally rest peacefully in it's grave.

Dear John Gosselin,
Let’s skip the formalities shall we? I understand that life is not always easy. And that things don’t normally go the way we plan. I even understand that you sorry excuse for a father…who at 22 decided along with yer crazy bride that it was OK for you to have in vitro fertilization..are human after all. However..explain this to me ok..explain to me why after citing being followed 24/7 as the partial cause of the demise of your marriage you decide that the next logical is to carry you and your doobie smoking homewrecker of a girlfriend to paris to pose for pictures? Shouldn’t you be in the nearest rabbit hole hiding out away from the press for all eternity? I hope Kate jacks you for every single Audigier cent you get you spineless loser!!! Ode mumu!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ooooh..yeah, i wish you happy birthday..ooooh yea..very many many happy returns :)

To the person who has been responsible for:
- 55% of my smiles
- 70% of my laughs
- 40% of my motivation
And who has 100% of my heart..100% of the time
Amazing,supportive,caring,brilliant,kind,loving,thoughtful,sexy,intriguing, funny,i nspiring, special, talented, always-in-my corner, everything I ever thought I wanted and needed…through everything..I wouldn’t change anything because I cannot...will not imagine being on this journey with anyone else.
As you begin another year…may your life be continually enriched with all the joys and successes and accomplishments that you deserve. May God continue to pour out all His love and wisdom and blessings upon you!!! Know that for every second of the next 365 days till forever that you are loved!! Happy birthday babe!! Muah!!


Aight...guys and girls of blogworld
We all know that there are unwritten rules about dates exes friends.
Stemming from another conversation I had with my girl..she was so nice as to list which of her exes I had permission to date and which ones I didn' nice of her.

Girl Rule states: Under no circumstances are my friends ( friends ranging from my best friend from the womb to the lady i gave gum to on the bus that one time) allowed to even sniff in the general direction of not just someone i dated but anyone that i have a crush on.

Guy Rule states: I would appreciate a heads up from my friends if they are interested in my ex..but only exes that i was really serious about..i think..correct me if I'm wrong.

I guess my issues with either version of the code is this:
1. What if this your friend and your ex are meant to soul mates etc etc? Eventually you're either going to have to deal with it or remain bitter about it and that doesn't do anybody..especially you any good.
2. What if the dude is seriously like actively pursuing you and disregarding the obvious unwritten code? Actively as in constantly calling and all up in your grill..and the attraction is mutual....What do you do?
3. Is there an expiration date on this you can't date my ex ish? Like what if you are happily married with 3 kids..can your friend date your ex now? I mean you've obviously found your own soulmate
4. Say you "come to terms with it eventually" would you show up at their wedding? be Godmother?
1. Why does it appear to be easier for guys to let go/grant permission?
2. Does this mean y'all are less attached to exes than girls? Or maybe less territorial?
3. Why would you actively pursue your ex's bff even after you know about the unwritten rule?

Has anyone ever found themselves in this situation? If yes..would you admit to have been kinda scoping out the friend b4 you and your girl/you and your guy broke up?

Personally sha, I've never consciously put myself in any of these situations. Whether I've unconciously landed into a similar situation is a story for another day :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Ranting

I know facebook is the new marketplace/venue for expression and I admit that i've been on both sides of the fence with these MJ status updates. On one hand i'm like ok this is incessant but on the other ..all the negative comments and ppl complaining about ppl making a big deal and about other ppls comments just freaking pissed me off.
I'm like YOU WISH THAT IN YOUR LIFETIME YOU ACCOMPLISHED AN OUNCE OF WHAT THIS MAN ACCOMPLISHED IN 50 yrs. You wish that in your lifetime you made such and impact on so many ppl in so many different places. How about you try effecting some change in the world instead of coming up in hear criticizing ppl trying to pay tribute to Michael. WE LOVE HIM..we appreciate his impact as a musician, acknowledge the problems he had..and celebrate him as a kindly back off!!!
Before it was "cool" for celebrities to be humanitarians...Michael been don did it.
No other the history of the world..has sold as many records as he has.
And i'm totally speculating and I hope i'm wrong..but if his kids are not his biologically then all that talent, that heart, that everything has been totally wiped off the face of the earth...never replicated..Michael Jackson...the extinct. But that's ok because his imprint will be on this earth forever.

I honestly did have more rants..but i'm watching this Michael Jackson memorial and i think i've finally accepted that he's gone. Wow.
From nothing....FROM NOTHING!!! to the legend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My name is Kate...and i confess

..that while i find it repulsive to walk past a guy and look back and catch him staring after me..i find it mildly "ego-reducing" when i walk past a guy and i turn around to catch him NOT staring!!

..that..(piggy backing on the 1st one) really is much less repulsive if the dude looks like say Idris Elba vs. if he has a six-headed bald head like neyo and a body like Kevin James.

..that while i'm an independent woman *car i'm driving..i bought it, rock i'm rocking i bought i live in i rented it* and stuff, I find it extremely sexy when I don't have to bring out my wallet to pay for stuff that i want but don't need when i'm out and about with my boobookins.

..that once again..while i can pay for my own drink and stuvvs...really fellas? You cannot expect to sit beside me and "conversate" with me without at least OFFERING to buy me a drink. 50% of the time i'll probably say no sha.

..that as enlightened and "secure" as i feel, I still check out chicks and compare especially physical attributes. I mean yeah your boobs are bigger than mine and you got a lil more booty than i do and stuff...or you are so freaking gorgeous and we thank God for you but damn..throw me a bone. Can i get you to develop a flaw?....halitosis? shemale? dumb as rocks? can't cook? farts in sleep? something!! :o

..that as much as it is not in my nature to be the jealous type in relationships..i slip up sometimes. This probably goes hand in hand with me being territorial.

..that..I LOVE kids.. and i was thinking about it this past weekend when i was chilling with a bunch of cuties..I'm ready to have kids. I mean my current situation might not allow it but mentally I think i'm there..eek!!

...that as much as i hate smelling cigarette smoke..(and this is probably gross)...i love the smell of alcohol mixed with cigarette smoke on guys' breaths.. eww right? Dunno..some ppl like the smell of toe jam..i like that smell..sue me.

...that while I accept that change is good and change is inevitable...i sometimes get gripped by these little mini panic attacks about this next stage in my life coming up.

...that ok i admit, i'm not the world's best dancer but I can hold my own on the dance floor..with white this rinky dink town..where no one really dances..and our "club" is inside a Holiday Inn....sooo i kinda don't want to be knocked off my throne as self proclaimed best dancing queen but i'm sure that i will be when i move! hmmpfffh!

...that i really have a problem with guys calling women bitches..or hoes..but i still listen to some songs that do..and i'm not really a feminist by any stretch of the imagination. Don't have a problem with girls calling other girls bitches or hoes tho..hmmm...

...that's all folks!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Right to be wrong...

See me see trouble o blogville..

aight so..for one reason or another I seem to have lost touch with my exes..but I also just happen to still be friends with their friends...weird stuff

And one said friend just informed me that my ex (first boyfriend) got engaged to his girlfriend...i think they've been dating for about 5 i guess she was his girlfriend after me.
Now..we broke up for several reasons some of which i'm not proud HWNSNBM, it was long distance..i was young and i was in college so i was broke too.. in a year or a year and a half i only saw him like three times. I also did not see myself getting married to him..these are my reasons for ending the relationship. The defense rests.

Anyway sha..i digressed..point was i had this conversation with the friend

Him: Xyz is engaged...he proposed to his girl
Me: oh for real? I didnt know sha..
Him: what do you mean you didnt know? It's all over facebook
Me: I'm not facebook friends with either one of 'em
Him: wow just amaze me
Me: wth?..what did i do?..i don't talk to either one of them..haven't for at least 2 years
Him: but you guys used to be in love
Kate: *rolls eyes*..."see excuses above...i mean i loved the guy...i know i wasn't in LOVE with the guy..I was 18..gimme a break"
Him: even point is you guys cared about each ex just had a baby and i hadn't spoken to her in years but i called her and said congratulations
Kate: ok..that's you, and you dated that chick for like 4 years...i just don't think that me saying anything adds or takes away from their happiness it hasn't for 5 years why should it now?..especially when they didnt tell me about it. That chapter in both our lives has been long closed and done with..

But seriously i in the wrong? Some ppl agree with me..and I dont think I should say doesn't remove anything from my life..but it doesn't add anything either. I mean yeah...good for them, if i see them i'll say congrats but I'm not sure that I want to go out of my way to say something to either one of them.