Saturday, December 19, 2009

'Tis the season..

Hola mi amig(o)as,

What's the deal? It's snowing!!! 12 inches abi 14 inches! (That's what she said!:D lol)
I'm getting to that point where I realize that the year is over. Another year is over! and i try to take stock of where I was when the year started and where I am now. Hmmmm...:)
And regardless of what goal,dreams and wishes that were not accomplished,realized or granted...I thank God for being the one constant, unchanging factor in my life. Even when I stray..which I do a lot.

This is my first Christmas away from my family in 26 years..weird! SUPER WEIRD

I really dont have anything to say...but i figured since I ain't blogged in a while might as well say something...

So i found out that i have been completely dumb about reading the bible. I haven't read the whole bible but I also dont think I've read any book of the bible in context. It's horrible i know, but i figure better late than never. Normally, I read like a chapter right..based on a devotional and just lean on the devotional for interpretation, or try and figure it out as it applies to me. What I've been forgetting is that the books of the bible are actual BOOKS..with purposes, beginnings, middles and endings and if i start reading something from chapter 12 of course it won't make as much sense as from chapter 1. Blogville no yab me o! Mehn! I've been having some serious blond moments lately but God dey!

Off on a tangent, I'm so guilty of looking into ppls carts when i'm grocery shopping to see if they have something that i've never tried and might in that spirit and in the spirit of are a few things that I discovered this year and absolutely love!!
1.A Perfect World™ Antioxidant cleanser with White smells soo good and works soo well. They claim it helps detoxify the skin and stuff.
2.Modern Friction™ Nature's gentle dermabrasion..i use this like once a week as an exfoliating scrub thingie. I only got it cuz I had a gift card and the lady did a demo on my hand it it felt amazing. Smells good too!

3.Victoria's Secret PINK® Supersoft Body Lotion Fresh & Clean: I just like it cuz it comes in a big-ish container and it smells good :D
4.Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection:Triple Moisture Shower Cream
Warm Vanilla Sugar®...smells like dessert!! :D
5.Really good for sealing in moisture especially this winter
6. Dior Addict 2: my empty..and NOBODY IN THE WORLD SEEMS TO HAVE IT anymore!! How rude!

How about youse guys? what are some things you absolutely love and can't do without? Share..maybe i might like it too.

Friday, December 4, 2009

What turns me on...

ok fine you got me!! there is nothing remotely sexy about this essentially degenerated into a random-type post during the week. I'm sorry *hangs head in shame* I have lured you here under false pretenses.. however since ya already here..might as well read innit? :D

1. For the past two days..I have had garri and ogbonno soup for breakfast :D. Repping that true naija girlness!! I don't know why, that just seems to be all i crave in the morning..I'm talking 8am! and it actually keeps me for a while seeing as i don't get to eat lunch anytime before 3. And it's yummay!!

2. The only reason why the aforementioned breakfast of champions sucked was because I had a session with my tutor *blushes* and I already think he's pretty cute and such a freaking nice guy..and me without gum or mouthwash. Damn...

3. I was half scared that he would think i was just the dumbest person on the face of the i was so frazzled i didn't know what element "I" was (it's iodine btw). And i never said chemistry was my favoritest subject. Anyway...he was cool and i understand stuff so much better now!

4. I found out he was my tutor on like Tuesday and I was gushing about it to my friend who says "I don't understand how you can get turned on by brain"..(insert your dirty joke here..c'mon you know you want to)...
i digress...anyway..i was my mind.."what else IS there?". I mean looks will fade and money really just doesn't do it for me but the two things that turn me on are a sense of humor and smarts (both of which my boo got plenty of..but this is not about him). I mean if this dude was tall to boot...i would be a puddle of just teenage girl crush gushiness!! Alas..he has a very lucky girlfriend. BOOOO!!!

5. In true random fashion..if i could be any element, I'd want to be Helium :D no reason in particular

6. So I'm bummed!! just found out that the person i wanted to do my next rotation with can't take me, for a bunch of very valid reasons but that doesn't mean that i can't still pout about :( so that's what i'm doing! POUT POUT POUT!!!!

7. So i watched New Moon with Eggs...:) and um i don't think I'm going to see anymore of the saga..the acting was just too freaking corny for my imagination was way better!!

8. I was listening to Rhianna "rehab" the other day and damn that girl CANNOT sing!! I think what had saved her so far was the the songs were catchy..but enh..her new stuff is just crap!! BOOO! to you Rhianna!

9. I saw Kelly Clarkson's video for "gone" or "already gone"..the new one and I'd heard the song and liked it..i just like it all over again. It's sad really..the song is about loving someone and having to let go or something like that..i forgot..but it reminded me of the Nick Lachey song that goes
"we built it up to watch it fall, like it meant nothing at all..i gave and gave the best of me..couldn't give you want you need..blah blah blah...I can't hate you anymore"
And i just decided that love is complicated oh. T'aint easy!

10. My nephew says my name!!! lol..he says Hi Kate!! it's so cute! I miss him. wish i could visit for keresimesi but na money kill am :(

11. I was talking to someone about free-spirited, go-where-the wind blows and I just realized that I don't think I've ever not made a planned out decision (I know man proposes and God disposes) but...i don't think I've ever been able to not try to plan things out just the way i think it could work or should be. I've always had plan B's i think. I guess the only non plan B type decision people like me get to make are regarding love and marriage

12. So i'm on this new quest to grow my hair since i had braids in it for *ahem months and i thought it would all fall off but it naturally i googled how to make hair grow..and i'm a believer. I dont even want long long hair sef..cuz i think i have pretty ok..medium length thick hair..i just want to see how long it can get. I mean it's pretty hair grows but it breaks off cuz i dont take proper care of what will happen if i DO take care of it? Stay tuned! My hair idol is this chick...she's cute too... i just want hair that mas!

It's the weekend y''s supposed to i have hella catching up to do! i think i might make a nice winter soup or chili for the week. Stay warm and things!!

@Taynement..get a snuggie!!acting like she ain't got ppl on her list waiting for a call that she can holla at! smh *rolls eyes*
No my spellchecker did NOT just spell check my Rhianna!! whatevs!!