Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Not that i have anything in particular to blog about or anything on my mind...but just cuz i'm trying to form a habit of blogging regularly.
So Sidney Sheldon is dead...and I was upset! May his soul rest in peace.Amen!
Is it weird that i'm scared that the actors and actresses i grew up watching are getting old and might soon die... I can't imagine my Sean Connery,Paul Newman,Harrison Ford makes me soooo sad.

I didnt pay much attention to the world happenings today. I saw that MY MAVS whooped Supersonic Bootay tho! GOO MAVSSSSSSeSSs.
Till tomorrow bloggie...:)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Question 1:
Imagine you are in a desert (are you there?); Yes
Now imagine a ladder (are you seeing it?); ummm yea
Now what is the position of the ladder? Standing Alone

Image a horse in that same desert (are you there?);yup
What is the colour of the horse? White
What is the horse doing? Drinking from an oasis

Question 3:
Come back to reality...
Give three reasons why you like water.
'Tis good for the body
'Tis refreshing
'Tis cleansing

Question 4:
What is your favourite colour?White
Give the three reasons why you like that colour.
I look good in it, It goes with everything, It looks clean (when it is that is)
Question 5:
What is your favourite animal (Even if you don't like, what would it be if you do?)Dog
Give three reasons why you like/would like that animal.
They're loyal
They're protective
They're soooo cuuuutteee!

Question 6:
Imagine you wake up in a white room with no door, and no window.
What will be your first reaction? SCREAM
What will be your reaction afterwards? Knock around for any hollow spaces

Question 7:
Without thinking, name two opposite sex names that are not your family member.
1? A
2? A

Question 8:
Without thinking, name someone from your family member.
1? I

Question 9:
Name anyone, same sex or otherwise, that is not a family member.
1? J

Question 10:
List four of your favourite music title
This is why i'm hot
I need a boss
Upgrade U
Forever for you

Question 11:
List four of your favourite location/city.

Last One:
Arrange these animals according to your preference:
Tiger, Sheep, Cow, Monkey, Eagle


Monday, January 29, 2007

I know, I know!!

This blogging business is hard oh! I've been slacking majorly either that or I really haven't had anything to blog about. It's freezing here...but I'm dealing.
Being a jumbled up mess.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Guess Who's Back!

I honestly missed you, i have so much to blog about from my travels, but for now, all I can say is I had a was awesome...ten years later, I'm sooooo proud to be from where I'm from, to be related to who I'm related to and to love them! Happy New Year btw!
Can i just one last time gush over my cousins and congratulate the lucky bishes that will be marrying them starting with the dudes!
OC: this boy..THIS *sighs*...he's just awesome, for all that he's been thru, he has a good head on his shoulders..a smile that lights up the room and those DIMPLES!! He's a good boy! I miss him.
Nnanna (IJ connection): he comes off as quiet, but not quiet because he has nothing to say. I had possibly the deepest conversation with him..and he's only SEVENTEEN! Geez. He's my lil justin timberlake!
Nnanna (Ekpo!): he is the epitome of an Ibo Man..he's all about his responsibility and his pride and his money and his future. He's very caring and passionate about people and things he cares about. He might come off as a bit rougish/thuggish but he's a lil teddy bear!
Okoro: got me rolling, his humor is soooo sincere you cant help but crack up. He can be pigheaded but he's actually very sensible! Stubborn as all hell tho!
Obinna: He's just easy going, laughs a lot, 9ja hardship has changed him but can't ever break his spirit!
Kelechi: Hmmmm..nuff said
ND:is just quiet, until you play psquare or dbanj! FI LE! :) I wish i could unlock his mind and find out what he's thinking. I still loves him a lot tho!
AWA: awa kpai tu'm oko! he's very local, i think he kinda looks like josh hartnett a lil. I think he's misunderstood...:)

The gials
Nene I: She's the coolest chic in Abuja..she's smart and beautiful and she listens and she's U
Small Nene: my baby...i raised this she's all grown up and in secondary school! I love her spirit..cant believe this is she's all grown up..sniffs!
Nnenna: this chic! i've know her since she was like freaking 5..stubborn lil girl growing into a vivacious woman. With her silly galala dance moves! So proud!
There are more gials but um...i'm tired!