Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Things I Love

lol @MPB...
*embarrassed wave to blogworld*...hi guys!! It's been ages...i've been aging like fine wine..or maybe cheese....

..speaking of cheese, have you guys seen that commercial..i think it's cheez-it..where the cheese is not yet "matured" so they keep it until it is... heeehehee..cute stuvvs

OK..on to the from MPB's blog

1. Ok I know he's not a thing..but I love my lil' nephew Ollykokoko aka Goobie aka Cookie. He's the best. Like just thinking about him fills my heart with joy and makes me smile. ***no taynement i am not obsessed and I will not go born my own..leave me**

2. all forms..except with caramel...chocolate cake (best i've had so far is from cheese cake factory..with whipped cream and nuts on the side microwaved for 23 seconds). Chocolate candy bars..anything from just a regular Hershey's candy bar to ferrero rocher..roche? Hot chocolate (best i've had is from daily grind...with whipped cream :

3. Entertainment...TV, music, movies...i don't think they need an explanation. The ability to escape into something..anything for a little while...

4. My phone...gosh i promise I didnt copy MPB...i just got a new phone too with the Android OS... I LOVE THIS THING!!! my own words.. "F an iphone" and "BB is soooo lame" *rolls eyes* can't believe i considered getting anything else.

5. Books...good books that keep me entertained...books that i hope i get to start reading again soon...

6. Shopping...everything i get paid my first instinct is oooh i can buy stuff..lmao..if that is not a recipe for perpetual brokeness i dont know what is.

7. Smoothies..fruit smoothies that are more fruit than ice and do not taste artificially sweetened. Damn..i wish i could recommend some but no smoothie i've loved has come from a chain.

8. Bananas...fruits in general..but i could eat like 12 bananas a day. I buy bananas but i have to wait a day or two to eat them when they are at the peak..softly firm and ripe...plantain might count too..

9. Meat...beef, sometimes chicken or fish..but BEEF my goodness...not even steak...just nice pieces of beef. sometimes..i buy some meat from the store and cook it in my slow cooker for like 8 hours... mmmm yummy.

10. Aight..i'll be cliche and say that I love God even though ..God is not a thing. I love God because even at my worst...He loves me and loved me enough to bless me with amazing friends and family members.

That's about it folks... I was trynna blog earlier this week and encountered some technical difficulties...
Hope everyone is doing greats...kisses!