Monday, February 25, 2008

My "cousin" has a crush on me!! Ghettoboory!! (by the way, it seems that i spoke your boory into u owe me!!) cousin...who is not really my cousin but because my mom feels the need to introduce everyone that we meet from our village as our cousin...he's my cousin.
Saw him again after a very long time over christmas break and ever since he keeps sending me texts talking about "I miss you" and "You should come visit, i'll pay for your ticket"...naturally i'm always inclined to say yes for free stuvving..:D but um, I wouldn't want to encourage anything especially since he may or may not be engaged or seeing someone.
So out of the blue the other day, he texts me
:: "What did you do to me? After I came to see you guys at home I can't get you off my mind, why?"
me:: "um..huh are you joking?"
Him:: "No I am not I tried to give it (the feeling) some time to go away but it didn't and I am not joking"
Me:: "Ok, I dont really know what to say"
Him:: "I don't understand it but I guess i will get over it, i hope soon"
Me:: " I hope so too, because i would like to be able to hang out and talk to you without it being weird. Hanging out is not bad"
Him:: "I'm not saying it's a bad thing just hanging around you doing regular stuff with, I just think it's odd wanting to be around you and u don't feel the same way"
Me:: *dozed off!!*

Sighs..he's a really nice guy... just not my type...i think he's cute tho!! he kind looks like Teddy Ruxpin... :D

Friday, February 22, 2008

WANNA GET AWAY...Southwest offers trips for $39 each way...:)

Ok, so my vision is not 20/20 right but my other senses make up for this.
I usually have pretty good hearing right.So get this, my roommate, thinks i went to work, so she's on the phone extra loud.
She's of the perception that "nonscience" undergrad majors aren't that hard/important..and that anyone can be a business major etc etc.
So she said this to our other friend who does business and works for GE...and she got offended.
So that sparked a whole new conversation and argument....long story, pretty boring.
So last night, she came to my room and our conversation arrived at me telling her that her temp. job at my company was just to populate a database..and she doesnt' do any real science because she doesnt work in the lab.
Apparently this pissed her off because this morning she was talking all loud to her mom about it and she pretty much just insulted me and my position.
I think it's really comical because when she finished talking about me, i was going to go out there and pretty much yell at her and curse her out. Instead i sent her a text saying "As much as I enjoyed listening to your conversation about me, could you please either lower your voice or go to your room"?
So she's obviously shocked that she just exposed her ass and comes to my room talking about how I was listening in on her conversation. Um…bitch, your ass was being loud as all hell…I was jejely trying to watch The Wire when you started talking and interrupted me.
So with egg on her face, she’s trying to pretend that she feels bad about what she said. And pretending to listen to what I’m saying.
Luckily, I’ve evolved past a lot of ignorant bullshit apparently because there were a lot of things I could have said..true things, real things. … but I didn’t…won’t. .. I really am trying to be a better person.


Mind numbing
all consuming
lip biting
toe curling
awe inspiring

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waivering my chance to be one of the hive

Sooo...long time!!
Long weekend...weekend was fabulous! I learned a lot about myself.
Cleared my head.

Um so like, i was like driving home from work and I'm still seriously thinking about going back to school so that i can shift my direction from science to the business side of science. I love my job..- the actual job i do. I hate all the ass kissing and bureaucratic bullshit that goes on with ppl vying for visibility and stealing other ppls thunder..etc.. I accept that...people are ppl, there will always be those types of ppl. I know this probably happens and might be worse in the business field but at least I expect it if i get my MBA i'll be coming in with experience as well as a degree. I'm still praying about that sha.

The thing about my company that i absolutely love is that most ppl who work there usually end up staying forever and retiring, it's that good. But it's so easy to get comfortable and stay there...i dont think that's for me...i'm different and or special...I have to do more, give more, live more :D

So, i was thinking....again, bread or some other carb had to be the forbidden "fruit". Because eh..damn that bread/ fries/cake.... those things should be illegal.!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Is He? Does He? Does He?

I'm still gathering my thoughts... but i'll be sure to write this as soon as i know!
The short answer would be .. No, Not really and Maybe not intentionally... but i have to explain myself!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Damn you CARRIE BRADSHAW!! about lateness.
Am I the only one just now really getting into sex and the city?
It comes on stupid late, but somehow my eyeballs always seem to be less droopy when it's about to come on.

Apparently, i need a disclaimer
So please, no one take this post personally...yes, ok maybe it's about you.
but i am not writing in order to lure you to read it.
I'm writing because I promised not to censure myself.

So...i'm thinking that I have a Big
And damnit it seriously
That one "perfect" person you just can't quite seem to get over
Even when you progressively try...and try...and try.

So i'm watching last night's first episode at 11:40..
And she and Big have a date and almost hook up, but don't because she leaves.
Then they don't talk for like a couple of days then he stops by...
Then the go bowling and then they DO hook up....weak bitch! :s