Friday, November 12, 2010

Back on the scene with a pocketful of lint!

Hi Folks,
I've been gone so long that i almost forgot my password..:)
But i'm back...and for those who care but did not get the text! This chick righchea passed her exam!! *happy dance* Thanks for all the prayers!! I appreciate ya...Thanks...ALL thanks be to God because I know for a fact that I did not do any of it by myself.

What have I been up to you ask? Nothing...absolutely nothing...trying to get back into the groove or actually working and trying to get experiments to work.

Let's random a bit shall we? *POSSIBLE SPOILER*

So i saw "For Colored Girls" and I thought it was pretty good. Granted, I'm a movie snob and the movie going experience was not the shut up already nobody cares what you think about the movie, just let me enjoy it. But i didnt let even that affect me...
Come to find out that ppl are extra pissy that Tyler Perry hates black men.
Can I be honest...on my own blog without people thinking i'm racist or that i hate black people?
Ok here it goes.....

Honestly, until that movie, I don't think i understood the plight of "black women" in America. Or at least, I don't think I empathized. But after the movie, while I don't necessarily think i can relate to all the characters, I definitely understood where they were coming from and how truly possible it is to end up where they did. And yes it was all at the hands of black men! DAMN YOU BLACK MEN...if you aint in jail, you're either on the downlow or trying to rape or kill us poor black women! (that part was a joke! kinda!lol..ok it was definitely a joke).

But seriously...we as a race need to get out act together...i'm not even comparing across races...i'm just saying...we need to stop selling ourselves short and allowing our past to dictate our future...
Personally i think it's kinda genetic a little bit, and mixed in with just centuries of self doubt and self loathing and selfishness and this transcends even to africa.

Before this movie...i admit that my concern/focus even though i havent really done much to help was solely based on africa/naija and trying to figure out ways to make it better...but the movie helped me to see that I should care/try to help out more in the community I'm in right now....

I'm sure this stuff is all a bunch of junk....probably makes no sense...but it's all straight from my brain in random fashion and I dont feel like editing...

Hope erbody is hanging in there with life and junk!