Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's about to be a....

Dear Texas,
Is it safe? I feel like the birthrate and engagement rate up in that hood dikwa very very exponential oh. I can't stalk around without seeing new mommies and fiances popping up. Don't get me wrong..i love love..love is a beautiful thing and I LOVE kids!!! Am just observing. Do these people know something the rest of us don't? Or maybe it's just that age aye?

Dear Girl-who-caught-herself-trying-to-mess-with-me..aka roommate from hell,
*laughs quietly to self while shaking her head*...I mean see me see trouble o! You spilled coffee on the carpet..ok...accidents happen. Didn't clean it for weeks...ok. Your mom is supposed to have KABOOM at home straight from AsSeenOnTv. Great. Your ass went home and forgot to bring it...that's cool too.
Me: "maybe you should try regular detergent, it works fine too"
Dumbass: "yeah..my mom will just get the cleaner..what is the big deal"
Me: the big deal is it's been there 3 weeks and you did not bring the cleaner like you said and i have to look at it
Dumbass: Well that's too bad i'm not cleaning it before the exam *slams door*
Me: *sees red*

Heeeeeeeeee My GOODNESS! a whole me? seriously...seriously? This chick...I dont even know how i held my tongue. And the bad thing...bad for her..is i dont even LIKE the chick!! This chick doesn't know that I'm up on my bad girls club ish and i will readily melt butter into her egg whites/olive oil into her fat free dressing/sugar in her oatmeal/lock her bathroom and room from the inside/turn of all the electricity in her portion of the house/change the wi-fi password/put beef stock in her food (she's indian).
She should try me again!

I know i should be on some WWJD stuff but mehn..something has to be done.

Dear Michelle Tratchenberg,
LMAO!! this was actually good!! made my day. No more buffy's lil sister huh!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's really good?

Hello everyone out there in blogworld
I've been meaning to blog but ya know.. life get's in the way.

Heyyy Nicey.. :)

Um...so, i dunno about y'all but i'm truly a facebook stalker. Case in point..i discovered this new couple on facebook. Both individually cute but soooo cute together. Never met these people ever in my life but i'm all of a sudden intrigued by them. As in...I got mad when some random chick misyarned on her comments on a picture of them together. No idea why i'm being overprotective about a couple i've never met but I just hope things work out for them..smh issues huh.

I realized today during my exam that I have to be the most slackerific grad student.Ever. If the exam was on something like where Rihanna was recently (Australia) or where Beyonce currently is (Peru)...surely i'd have aced it..but ask me something relating to my education like the difference between an ion channel and a uniporter and you'll get a big...HUH? This after we got one extra week to study. God help me!
Speaking of Rihanna...am i the only one feeling her "Rude Boy" video and song? I kinda like it..i think the video makes me like the song better but whatever. I like it.

I'm in the mood for a road trip or at least a really fun night out... First weekend coming up where i have no exams looming..hmmmm...what to do..what to do.

So for the first time in a long time, i'm actually following up..as much as i can on our dear president Goodluck Johnathan and his presidential doings...i hope he can bring about some form of change and not get sidetracked by power and corruption. Amen!

I missed 24 AND Lost? Something is wrong with me today.

Speaking of music videos..um Jason Derulo's "whatcha say" is like on constant replay on my Ipod..i just love his voice!! and apparently there's a video...is it me or does he look like Karamo ( the roommate from Real world)? Video does not match the music video i have in my head but whatevs!

I said it before and i'll say it again...what in the water has got ppl getting married and engaged left and right? 2010 finna be another 2007!! Maybe it happens in 3 year increments? Hmm i should research this.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just when i thought i said all i could say..

Sooooooooooooooo...... I'm feeling like I haven't confessed in a minute

I confess that I am thankful for the snow cuz I sho wasn't ready to take that exam tomorrow.
Kate 1 Grad School 0!! yippee!

I confess that friday was worst day I've had in a long time

I confess that I sincerely hope that this phase in my life will just pack its load and go somewhere.

I confess that while i think i know that I ain't in the marriage phase yet...the fact that some of my classmates are married now ( yeah i know 13 weddings in 08...but they were older) makes me think that maybe i should be.

I confess that I draw inspiration from celebrities..I mean sure I think i would switch places in a heartbeat but some of those people work hard for their money men. All that focus and dedication...so inspiring!

I confess that I suddenly lost the urge to finish confessing!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

..don't it make you wanna scream!!

So...right or wrong..I am adamant about not complaining or making excuses about things that happen in my life.
Dunno why, I usually just always try to deal because excuses are like armpits and I can usually rationalize my thinking to the point where it's like..."well if you did what you were supposed to do, or made the right decision or whatever..you wouldn't be in the position you're in"

I'm at a place in my space where I feel like slightly utterly confused about a lot of things. And I can't blame it on hormones for once...or steroids.

And I'm like seriously...shouldn't all this uncertainty have gone away with my early twenties?...argh!

I think it's gotten to the point when I can't even be completely honest with myself about how i really feel sometimes.

Or I don't allow myself to acknowledge how I feel because logically, I shouldn't feel how I feel...hmmpfh.

One of my friend's status on fb was "if God seems far away...who moved?" and I understand that. I feel closest to God when I wake up in the morning because I wake up to 15 minutes of Robert Cook and his soothing voice talking about God and stuff...that man was truly amazing. And then I have my little devotional. But then over the course of the day...just simply interacting with people I just get so caught up in the daily bs and I lose sight of how i'm supposed to be living and can't see beyond what annoys me.

I'm pretty frustrated because I have a lot on my mind and I need to study but I can't because my mind is just a jumbled up place.

I'm upset but I can't fully vent...this is why blogs go private

So many decisions that apparently have to be made like now!

Gimme a break!

sometimes i consider being a shut-in. Just leaving the world and all it's problems out there. But that's not socially acceptable.

And I feel like it's nearing the end of it all..and that sucks.

Here comes the guilt...the you and yours are healthy and blessed beyond measure and you should be content so stop whining! and Get to work guilt!

I miss being 16 and being allowed to be mad at the world.

And I feel like noone understands

No change I can't change I can't change I can't change...but i'm here in my mold...i am here in my mold..but i'm a million different people from one day to the next..


But that's not constructive and that doesn't solve anything so i can't :(

But Robert Cook says.."if you've struck a rough day look up and say 'Lord Jesus..see me through this'"...so LORD JESUS SEE ME THROUGH THIS!!