Monday, November 23, 2009

Random...or not so random

Arrrggghhhh...i just wasted a perfect opportunity to tell somebody off even though i was well within my rights to do so and it is pinching me badly!

I suck at keeping in touch but I definitely crave about 6 or 7 tete-a-tetes soon.

I just realized that I do not like rejection..i mean nobody does but NO LIKEY.

I'm not ready for a new week...short or not

In this moment I am happy and I feel lucky and i think that's the annoying part is that i'm like if only you knew how I'd just back the hell off and support me...but you dont..or you dont care

Men it's so foggy out

So i used to be this big ol' ball of emotions, mostly anger/indignation but I think i've calmed down a lot..i still get emotional about injustice,ignorance and just plain stupidity'd never know it huh? :D

I know I'm biased...and like with Keanu Reeves i have decided that M.I is my one and only favorite nigerian rapper..there is no swaying my vote..except maybe for jesse jagz but even he has to take a backseat to my M.I 99% of the time

I realized on friday that i do not have the stomach for research involving live animals...even's just so can you imagine breading thousands of mice only to kill them for research that might not amount to anything? What if someone did that to humans? So not cool!

I tried to make ogbono soup this came out as soup..but not the type of ogbono that i'm used to. I know! I know! Shame on me! Help/recipes/video tutorials followed by shipment of samples for taste testing would be appreciated from my correct naija chikitos! Thank ya!

Peace,Love and have wonderful week!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Just Know

I have had numerous conversations with friends and family about this whole "you just know stuff" that married ppl be saying after they get married or when they are engaged.

It's almost like marriage is some exclusive cult that brainwashes ppl into that mindset of "we didn't go through any drama, when our eyes met across the crowded room, time stopped, the heavens opened up and we JUST knew that we were meant for each other".

No offense to my married ppl..and I'm sure that there are ppl out there who knew from day 1 and are still happily ever aftering but some "Just Knewers" have to account for the 50% divorce rate in this country and the growing divorce rate in Nigeria..abi?

It actually sort of insults my intelligence when people say that but i think maybe it's that same protein that makes mothers forget what they go through for 9 months and during labor so that they can keep reproducing that makes married couples forget all the fights/make ups and break ups and drama that paved their road to happily ever after.

So here is my take..once again not backed by any proof (as per the brainwashing thing) but feel free non-married and married ppl to throw in your 2 cents..tell me if I'm just bsing. :)

FIRST OF ALL!!! YOU DON'T JUST know ENOUGH know enough to want to stick around and find out where things may lead know enough about yourself to know if the relationship is what you want and the flaws are what you can handle know enough about your partner to know that hopefully, they feel the same way too know enough (if you are spiritual/religious)to know that God definitely has to be involved for it to work know enough to accept that it won't always be cake and cookies but are willing to stick it through the hard times and work things out know enough to know when what you know is not enough..

This is why I believe there is no set TIME to get married, societal pressure and sales rack propaganda be damned. Because if you know that you don't know enough and you too you go jump the broom, better make sure you are spiritual because only God will see you through that relationship...and it just might work.

So why then you ask is this "You just know" idea still being propagated?
Maybe it makes ppl feel better/more certain about their's a big choice and self-affirmation has been shown to work wonders...who knows.
My prayer for everyone is that they don't "Just Know"...they know "Enough". Just knowing could someday lead to not knowing while knowing enough concedes that you don't know everything.
I know enough to know that I don't know everything and I never will but I think as I've grown up and come to accept this fact,I'm content enough with my lack of knowledge to know when i know enough.

Again no offense to my married ppl o. I love you guys and you serve as huge sources of inspiration for the likes of me!! :)
I was gonna post this on FB..but em..fear con catch me small as i reread am!! Not trynna incur anyone's wrath for speaking my mind albeit Obama 'O8 and junk!! Freedom of speech or no! :)

ps. I was reading RepOne's post about soulmates and I had a response but then i forgot it... let me unclutter my brain from all this learning crap and then it's on and popping!

pps: y'all know the deal...prayers for ya girl tomorrow's worked so far, surely it must continue to work! Amen 'Preciates!

ppps: try pink lemonade plus fruit punch plus mountain dew in equal quantities with a hint of ice...magical!!

pppps: Hi Tayney!!!:)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In hibernation

Hi y'all
I'm commenting on all blogs in spirit
@MPB...i see ya!! LOL..and you are entirely too old to be um please stop
@Tayney: nice randoms...

Ermn...oh yeah
Happy Birthday to the woman who gave me life!! LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!always and forever!!!

So..I'm studying/watching MTV and stuff
I suck at returning phone calls

Back to MTV
based on their appearance on TV
Justin bobby type men are very rampant i think...and sooo annoying!! like ENOUGH with the head games..grow the hell up and stop being such an ass!!
Spencer..lmao...only Heidi's can handle
Poor Audrina....
Women are smarter than all this bullshit aren't we?
But damn our forgiving, nurturing hearts..always willing to give second and seven hundredth chances...ok maybe not all women
It's also scripted and makes for good tv so who knows what goes on when he cameras go off.

New Victoria secret bra instantly adds 2 bra sizes? WHAT? Mgbeks head of the IBTC better get on that o!! I'm copping me two as we speak!!

God forgive me but my whiny roommate just whined my name and i once again pretended that i was listening to something when i'm actually not so that i dont have to hear her whine about the same thing that me i'm studying

Ugh my hair!! I need dominicans!! soon please!!! somewhere..i'm so tempted to venture towards the hood to see what i can find!

Soooooo..... powdered flax seeds + oatmeal+peak milk + splenda = Omazing!!!

Dear Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8,
if i never heard anything about you in the next would be toooooooo freaking soon..please drop off the face of the earth soon.

Judge Judy is soooo funny i love her

Why didnt anyone tell me how good jerk chicken is?..I had this amazing sandwich and i've been thinking about it since

I admit that..sigh...i'm now on board the indomie train!! yes 50 years later..them things are the ish..with some sardines!!! who knew..i'm still trying to get mines up to par with the master tho!! :)

I want Kristin to show that Justin Bobby boy pepper!!

lol..sorry...mismash at it's best!!