Saturday, November 29, 2008

Facebook Chat #2008-002 : The "You Just Know Line"

Talking to my sis bout the marriage decision. not as funny as the NA one..but hey..a blogs gotta blog...

Kate:: wat life decision are you making
Dr.K:: marriage
Kate: marriage to who?
Dr.K: anyone
Kate: lol..yup
Dr.K:scary thought
Kate: yup
Dr.K:same house, see them everyday…in your space
Kate: lol
Kate:i guess that's part of the difficulty
Dr.K:what else?
Kate: my own is how do u know that it is the right person?
Dr.K:i dont know…i dont think you ever know
Kate:thank you jare
Kate:unlike those useless you just know ppl
Dr.K:i know right
Dr.K:its a friggin risk!!
Kate:well i dunno …u have more married friends than me
Dr.K:i guess you both have to decide if its worth taking with each other…they seem happy
Kate: wat do they say when u ask them?
Dr.K: and they are of the "you just know" school
Kate: lol…all of them?
Dr.K:not sure if I’ve asked Mrs. A or Mrs. O…i should
Kate: you should..yep
Dr.K:but how will their answers matter
Kate: it wont..but everyone i meet to says the whole "you just know" thing too. i wonder if anyone would ever say "you dont just have to trust in God and the person you are making a commitment to"…brainwashed liars!!!
Dr.K:lmao…i think that's the correct answer
Kate: see..and i'm nowhere near marriage
Dr.K:there should be like a scorecard
Kate: huh
Dr.K: with answers rated 1-5 5 being all the time
Kate: oooh
Dr.K: and there should be a cut-off number. ..Like, you like talking to the person all the time, most of the time, sometimes or never
Kate: wait i thot u meant scorecard for ppl and how they answer the how do u know question
Dr.K: yeah..oh,no, i'm trying to solve the how do you know problem
Kate: hmmm..i'm still lost
Dr.K: you have a list of questions which you answer while thinking of one person that you've been dating, you answer questions on a 1 to 5 scale..add up all the numbers
Kate: ooooo i get it
Dr.K: and if its say above 70, then you have a 70% chance of being successfully married to that person
Kate: how many questions?
Dr.K: i don't know..maybe we should come up with some
Kate: u have to have really good ones
Dr.K: yep..we can sell it and be rich
Kate: and a varied sample size..yup,ok…questions
Dr.K:r u typing them up? you have google email?
Dr.K: ok…what should we call it?
Kate: brainwashed liars?
Dr.K: lmao
Kate: i cant think of a better title

Happy belated thanksgiving...hope you had things to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Facebook Chat #2008-001: Ignorance is bliss

I had a conversation with an officer in the Nigerian Army about the current witchhunt going on in Akwa Ibom, NIGERIA and what was being done about it..needless to say i was so freaking apalled by the fact that this monkey did not think it even existed...convo below.. it was unbelievable..i had to control myself so that i wouldnt curse him out!'s long and stuff..but bare with me. Please VISIT the website!!

Chidi: ka, Imelaagi and happy sunday
Kate: : i'm good, happy sunday to u too
Chidi: ok we're over here in NA making sure your folks back home sleep with both eyes TIGHLY shot.
Kate: : huh?
Chidi: Nigerian Army (NA)
Kate: : oh, cool….i didnt know we had one, or had never thought about it i guess
Chidi: Now you're talking….U mean a hegemon like Nija will b armyless?
Kate: : are you guys doing anything to bring the ppl in akwa ibom who kill children that they believe to be witches to justice?
Chidi: If that happens at all (which I doubt) it should be the work of the police and civil societies
Kate: : what do you mean which you doubt? happens, why would u think doesnt happen?Chidi: : Never heard of it..and I'm here
Kate: : so because you've never heard of it then it doesnt happen?
Chidi: : so could just be negative western press propaganda..Could you cite any recent case, if I may ask?
Kate: : have you heard of C.R.A.R.N..there was a whole documentary of it on tv, it's on youtubethere's an organization that takes in these kids after their parent's have tried to kill them by pounding nails into their skulls
Chidi: : It could just be an isolated case blown out of proportion
Kate: : or making them drink caustic one case is not enough?
Chidi: : As I said, Isolated case
Kate: : definitely not one case though…i gave you two examples
Chidi: : Any way I'll try and find out
Kate: : i'm sure you will
Chidi: : Didn't say you were wrong oh!
Kate: : i think you have deluded yourself into thinking that you ppl actually have an impact..hegemon indeed..these things are happening in your own country and you are saying isolated case western propaganda
Chidi: Just wondering why our people out there have a misconception that nothing good can emanate from here
Kate:i believe a lot of good things emanate..but bad things should be addressed too
Chidi:It's our time to make things right …The press is blowing things out of proportion
Kate: but if you have the mindset that "isolated incidences" are ok
Chidi: : The US has its own flaws
Kate: : then y'all aint making nothing rightChidi: : but I don't think you're inclined to magnify it the way you do ur own
Kate: : and they investigate "allegations"
Chidi: : Don't allow the western media dictate how you think
Kate: : best believe that every act of injustice especially towards innocent children is always magnified
Chidi: : Of course
Kate: : absolutely not..i make my own decisions
Chidi:allegations have to be thoroughly investigated for posterity sake..Everybody does
Kate: : do u think you have been brainwashed to think that all bad news about nigeria is western propaganda?
Chidi: : but its better to make INFORMED and UNBIASED decisions
Kate: : so you who had NO idea that stuff like this was going on BUT went on to claim that you DOUBT it is happening is informed and unbiased? what exactly do you guys do?
Kate: : but you are part of the ppl who are supposed to protect and serve abi?
Chidi: or low intensity conflict like the niger delta, not domestic crimes against the state
Kate: : you pick and choose what crime is worth preventing and is punishable?
Chidi: : That is POLICE business
Kate: : ok o…that's good to know
Chidi: : we only come in to aid when they're over whelmed. Point I'm making is...don't lose hope in Nigeria
Kate: : absolutely not..i haven't
Chidi: : Whatever the case may be …its not irrepairable
Kate: : i just think that we have long way to go
Chidi: : Now you're talking
Kate: : and you can't walk around blindly smelling roses and claim not to know what is going on..if there are ppl killing children..the future..and nothing is being done about it..then there is no hope
Chidi: : I'm sure the police is doing something bout it
Kate: : what can you do about it?
Chidi: :Its off our I can only join other citizens to condemn it
Kate: : do other citizens know about it..because you didnt?
Chidi: : I mean paradventure I knew
Kate: : what? sorry i dont understand what that means
Chidi: : All I'm saying is that ..I've discovered that most Nigerians outside the shores of this country are EXPERTS at complaining about the state of the nation
Chidi: : we need solutions
Kate: : my solution is to investigate and prosecute these backward minded ppl
Chidi: : I assume the question was based on a belief that u were asking on the basis of 'assuming I had known
Kate: :yes
Chidi: : The guantanamo bay detainee assault saga is also as serious
Kate: : it definitely is
Chidi: :if not more serious than what is currently sickening you about the ALLEGED Akwa Ibom Incidence
Kate: and the vp and former attorney general are currently facing legal actions regarding that
Chidi: So lets not make a mountain out of a mole hill regarding the nija probsKate: why do u keep comparing nigeria to america
Kate: these two countries have nothing in common
Chidi:They have a lot in common
Kate: NIGERIA is not and will NEVER be America
Chidi:diverse peoples
Kate: i disagree…Nigeria is centuries away from where america far as infrastructure and otherwise
Chidi:Not in the sense of technological advancement..we have our peculiarities
Kate: not the same in the sense of democratic, educational or economic advancement
Chidi:In terms of cars and houses
Kate: and the thing that is killing us apart from greed and corruption is the inherent backward minded mentality that causes these parents to think it is acceptable for them to kill their children in the name of witchcraft
Chidi:or in terms of morals and the role of homes in the lives of individuals? The average life span of a marriage there is less than 3yrs
Kate: what does that have to do with the issue i'm talking about?Chidi:There are definitely area we're not doing badly in
Kate: oh definitely
Chidi:First off..Witchcraft existsSecondly, as I said the case you're talking about is an isolated incidence which I'm very sure must have been sorted out by now
Kate: i dont doubt that it does..but does that give someone the right to kill someone else? so called morals
Chidi:The case you're talking about is an isolated incidence which I'm very sure must have been sorted out by now
Kate: NO..NO IT HAS NOT..see this is your problem, you don't know but u keep assuming
Chidi:I believe the church of satan has branches in the US
Kate: ok the fact that you use church and satan in the same sentence is also very disturbingthe church is the body of christ
Chidi:I don't know what??
Kate: u dont know that the issue has been sorted out..let us focus on one issue for a second ok.The case you're talking about is an isolated incidence which I'm very sure must have been sorted out by now
Chidi:I'm trying to make a point with it
Kate: you seem to know much about america but not much about what is going on on you won backyardpls make your point
Chidi:so please hear me out..I'm comparing Nigeria with the US because you stay there if you were in the honduras
Kate: ok
Chidi:The point is that so called church engages in ritual activities involving human sacrificesa lot of would-have-beenvictims have testified about that so if you have warped thinking people in what you believe to be a country eons away from Nigeria then you shouldn't be so judgemental about the Akwa Ibom issue
Kate: r u done?
Kate: ok let me make my point
Chidi: roll on
Kate: i do not doubt that there are questionable activities going on in any part of the world and especially here in America the only difference is when things like that are brought to light here, it is addressed and properly dealt with the fact that you did not know about the issue going on in akwa ibom but were so quick to say first that it was an isolated incident and then that you were sure it was being handled
Chidi:as they have don the KKK and gays in the military and abortion???
Kate: then you go on to try to justify it by saying that witchcraft exists as if that makes is ok for ppl to kill their children..all i am saying is this
Chidi: all I want is for my sister in whom i am well pleased
Kate: can i finish?
Chidi:sorry, go on
Kate: If your mentality is shared with your friends and ppl you surround yourself with and is one of comparing naija to America and saying we're ok because even though we are killing our children, the Americans have kkk and gays in the military that is the wrong mindset to have and that will not do anything to help move the country forward….so you are part of the problem..NOT the solutioni'm done're probably right..I may have gone way over my head to make my point. What i was trying to say in ABC terms was, Love Nigeria and wish us the best always as we do you guys out there all the time
Kate: and be willing to recognize issues and deal with them not call them isolated incidents. how many children have to be killed for it to not be an isolated issue?
Chidi: Yes thanks..we'll work on that
Kate: questioning what you think is wrong and can be fixed is love
Chidi: While keeping the big pic in focus
Kate: i just figured that since i was talking to someone in the NA
Chidi: You're making sense
Kate: you are in a better position than most do something about it
Chidi: But it wont happen in a day…Starts with the inside
Kate: i'm not saying that it should..or expecting it to
Chidi: We need to have the right paradigm of what our value system should be …Its currently very warped
Kate: it has to start somewhere
Chidi: NA prayer go solve our problem
Kate: prayer is key …but action is necessary too
Chidi: but I won't throw the baby away with the bath water..So at least once a week…please pray for Nigeria
Kate: and action can't start if everyone turns a blind eye to it..i pray everyday

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Wedding Epidemic

Because we are at that age,

And because i obivously wish all the brave souls who have decided to make that leap..take that plunge nothing but the best.
I try to reassess my stance on marriage and since i'm not a mind reader, i can barely even begin to fathom when - if ever and to whom mine will be.

Going from not wanting to be married to wanting to be married took a while but i'm there.
I dunno what i'm trying to say... according to will i know when i'm ready to get married? I think for me these are my tell tale signs

1. Is this who God has ordained for me to marry?

2.Do i respect him and does he respect me?

3. Do i see myself waking up to the same person for the rest of my life?

4. Are we emotionally and spiritually on the same page about our future together and relationship?

5.Do the family and friends like..or at least accept and approve?

Also i took the liberty of searching for 10 questions that engaged couples should ask according to ..cuz while i'm not engaged or even close to being...doesn't it's my blog i can do what i want.

1.Why are we getting married?

2.What do we as a couple want out of life?

3.What do you think we'll be doing in thirty or forty years?

4.How often do you drink?

5.Do you think it is important to be faithful to one another?

6.Have you ever hit someone?

7.Do you have a criminal record?

8.Are you willing to replace the toilet tissue roll?

9. it just me or are these questions similar to what i would ask the person who bags my groceries?..what the hell!! no wonder there's a 50% divorce rate..nonsense

And that's the way the cookie crumbles

So a lot has happened since i last blogged....
*I have a new president..Barack Obama..and he is wonderful!
*I passed my GRE prais God!!..oh yeah..i'm applying to go back to school..those personal statements are a killer.
*I have/had mice under my dishwasher...muthafreaking mutant mice ain't dying o..that poison is NOT working.
*I'm reflecting...should be sleeping.

My new favorite word is "ackright" eventhough i haven't gotten the opportunity to use it in a conversation.

I find that ppl are more ballsy via text message..talking about "we have unfinished business!" Boy if i backhand you back into 1948!

The year is almost over. Another whole year gone. hmmm
I really did intend to type some cohesive coherent stuff but i dunno.

So i just went through my other blog which served as therapy for me when i was going through some stuff and I marvel at how seemingly far i've come and we've come....ooooH! I just remembered something to blog about...toodles