Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So..i got tagged 5000 years ago...finally saw it..see!! :)

5 Famous people I want to meet: (honestly famous ppl dont shack me like that...plus i'm shy :o)

- Keanu Reeves (y'all know my infinite yet one-sided relationship with this dude will probably never die..i just love him)
- Oprah (i think what she's got is contagious..if i meet her i might catch some of it)
- Jennifer Aniston ( i think we would be good friends)
- I guess Obama (i mean what is he going to say to me? nyeh!)
- Keanu Reeves (the second meeting is when he'll realize we are soulmates and we'll live together forever in harmony like ebony and ivory teehee!)

5 Books that affect(ed) you:

- The Bible--nah freal tho..cliche as it seems
- The Alchemist by Paul Coelho
- God is Relevant by Luis Palau
- Little Bee by Chris Cleave (i'm actually still reading this book and it.does.not.suck)
- Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (just an awesome page turner)

5 favorite movies:

- Jurassic Park 2 (and 3 sometimes but i can watch 2 like everyday)
- The First Matrix
- Terminator 2: Judgement Day
- Mulan
- A Goofy Movie

5 things you can't do without:

- Air
- Food
- Water
- My Cellphone
- um...yeah maybe a really nice fine point pen from pilot

5 turn ons (i'm guessing in the opposite sex)

- Honesty
- Sense of humor
- Tall
- Dark
- Handsome

5 turn offs:

- Liars
- Assumers
- Cocky Morrasuckers
- Users
- Abusers

Monday, December 27, 2010

As we proceed...

*Dr. Nick* Hiii Everybody! */Dr. Nick*

Hope everyone had a fabulous christmas holiday. Mine was memorable to say the least.
Gosh so like last year, I was determined...DETERMINED to not make any stupid new year's resolutions because well... they never really work out too well for me. But this year...i figure..what the heck.
No matter what i call it sha...it's still a resolution..resolving to do something better..but really I just want to start acting like a grown ass woman all the way around because ..ahem...we gon' be turning 2-8 in the 0-1-1 and so...we should try acting like a grown as woman in her late 20's (excuse me while i hyperventilate!)

Ok..now that that's done...let's recap 2010 shall we...

In 2010,
Professionally/Academically: I joined a lab and I got started on my thesis project. I also took and passed all my required courses as a graduate student and passed my graduate board oral exam! Not too shabby if i do say so meself!

Personally: I lost like 11lbs (and gained it back but that's besides the point!), I got tree braids and a weave oooh ohhh and my hair grew and I was able to retain some length. Um...I fell in and out of love with running. I was on a pretty cool Me'n'God relationship kick...and I learned some stuff about myself...then i slacked off.

Socially: I made new friends maybe lost some old ones......i have a terrible habit of not keeping in touch..so not cool!

Blogwise:...could be better...it's not even that i dont want to blog...it's just that I honestly usually dont have anything to blog about. But I want to take this blogging thing semi seriously...people on here seriously motivate me..i just need inspiration and less slackeritis...

So...my grown ass woman goals for the 0-1-1 (GAWG)

- Do well in my classes
- Finish up my electives
- Plan out experiments beforehand
- Keep a daily to-do list
- Write in my lab notebook faithfully
- Be more active in one organization

- Take my multivitamin daily (ok nightly cuz that thing makes me nauseous)
- Make healthier food choices 80% of the time
- Maintain my workout routine
- Register/Train for a 5k
- Do all my grown woman health stuff (dentist, eye doctor, lady doctor)
- Stop treating my hair like it's the ugly step sister
- Get into the whole makeup thing (at least to the level that GAW should be)
- Get back into my Me'n'God kick...seriously only good things came out of that

- Actually start being more mindful of what i do with my pennies
- Save up for what i want instead of charging charging charging!!

- Be more social i guess
- Be a better friend
- I want to travel beyond just visiting my nephew..My labmates and I plan to eat our way through ATL and my boyfriend (did i just say that? ick..well i guess that's wat a GAW does! :p)...want to try visiting all 50 states..so we gotta start somewhere. I guess technically we've been to Florida,New York, California, Texas, Georgia and the DMV. I'm thinking Vegas (even though i've been)

- Actually comment on blogs that I read instead of just passing through..and not just lazy comments..insightful ones like "LOL" and "OMG NO SHE DIDNT" and "WORD"

How do i plan on accomplishing all this you ask? Hell if I know!! LOL..y'all got any ideas? What has worked for you?

I was thinking of taking on one of these tasks per month so i dont feel overwhelmed...like starting January 1st..i'll start taking a multivitamin a day and see how it goes from there.

I hope you all have wonderful new year with lots of amazing things and good health.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Whatcha say!

Heeeeeyyy there Bloggy McBloggers!

I'm not even going to make excuses...that's so 2010 and as we don almost reach the 0-11...(oooh oohh..can we all make a pact to only refer to 2011 as 0-1-1?..c'mon! please? please? it'll be so cool!!)

Hope everyone is chilling and chilly...my cincy chica...please keep that icy weather on your side of the country mmmkay? Thanks!

What's been going on with me?

Um...not much but I'll break it all down in random fashion

The closest thing I had to a "bestie" is getting married in 8 days..aaaahhh!! in naija :( and i'm missing it!boooo! But they know I love them, and I'll come visit lots when they get back....and I promise to be the best Godmother I can possibly be when the time comes...:)

I dont know how you superwomen with careers and kids do it. I dont have a kid or a career but I find it hard to divide my time...I was recently on holiday and spent most of my time with my smart, cute,adorable,awesome, funny, character of a nephew and I totally blocked out anything grad school related...as in complete amnesia but then when i come back...after i overcome the depression of being away from him..i'm back into my work... How do you balance both? Gosh...MRS degree here I come!

So I still don't know what the hulabaloo is about this twitter business....I contemplated joining just to follow Idris Elba but i figure what's the point..I got me my own real life Idris that i can follow..:)

In the same vein...In the last couple of weeks, I've had some interesting encounters with how you say...."interested parties?"...and I've decided i'm too nice. OK...help me out here...When/How do u tell someone...um..thanks for the compliments and you're nice and all but I'm not interested in you like that?...I really was just being nice and making conversation while we are on this plane together/damn hartsfield-jackson aka the most awful airport/dancefloor of a wedding that i was dragged to by my parents where the dj is on point and my shoes are comfy so i gorra dance/////? Because I'm too nice, ppl feel like I should give them my number..then when u say "I'm seeing someone"...they say.."so you can't have friends?" or "i didnt ask if you had a boyfriend did i?" and that's when i become not so nice!

So my parents came to visit me...after i moved into my new place..which i love, and think is totally cute even if it might slightly be possibly next to a den of wolves (maybe werewolves? maybe Alcide?oooooooooooooooooooo! Lol) And I gorra tell you...it was actually fun having them...I had to talk them through how to use an electric can opener and they were kinda nagging about everything!! "why are you speeding?".."aren't you cold?" "what time are you going to work?" "arent you going to eat?"...like arrrrrrrrrrrrgghh I'm grown...but i did get some banging stew and soup out of it so i cant complain.

I mean, I'm all for nigerian food and ppl dont like change but geez men..my Dad would not eat any food that wasnt cooked at home or soup and eba...seriously!! it was so annoying, then again his favorite restaurant used to be "Burger King"...so..i guess it's my own fault for wanting to make him try something else...TRUE STORY
Daddy: I dont eat food outside anymore
Me: Nothing at all? What about pizza? (back in the day we had pizza and movies occasionally)
Daddy: Well...sometimes I get pizza but I have to see them making it
Me: So where do you go that you see them making it?
Daddy: Oh wow...I go to Cici's Pizza..that's where i get pizza from
Bless his heart!!

I'm grateful for my parents..they are the most down to earth people ever...none of that nigerian too big for your britches shit...they are just real and I totally appreciate that...Love em!!

Men...like joke like joke another year is over!! What did i accomplish this year? I'll contemplate and blog that next...it's been a year...not good, not bad..just interesting.

Jimmy Fallon is not a good interviewer....

Happy Friday!!Abuo!